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Ever since this whole UCI thing started up, I have been thinking about how they will "certify" frames for use in professional road racing and triathlon.

They have a weight limit, of course, and an aero tubing profile limitation, and some other wonky rules that limit bicycles and their construction for record attempts on the track, and so on and so forth.

Of course, rules are part of any contest, and sport couldn't be run without a structure. I think we all get that, and agree upon it. Now the UCI says it is to make sure everyone is on a level playing field and the race inspectors jobs would be easier. I say, "it's a bunch of bovine excrement. ", that's what I say. Here's why. Bigfoot investigator Kirk Stokes believes he has captured footage of a Jersey Devil type creature. Kirk captured this video in an area of bigfoot activity. Taipei Nanhai post office express registered letter receipt. "I think they kill my child every time they deprive a person of their right to think. Coercion is inhuman. " - Mahatma Gandhi Over the years when it has been necessary to speak out against censorship of musicians and attempts at intimidation I spoke out and signed my name to opeds and petitions denouncing coercion, intimidation, and government attempts at censorship, but failed in taking a closer look at what was taking place in Cuba. What follows is a partial list of important musicians and groundbreaking music denied Cubans in the island.

Text is taken from hyperlinked sources in each entry.

I am not a musicologist but listen to their music and you be the judge. This seemed at the time like a real "wow" example of how generic managers were taking over health care. Mr Grinsven had extensive experience in the hospitality field, but no known background in health care. First, he lead an apparent change in the hospital's mission from acute care to recreating: the hospital experience into one focused on promoting wellbeing and healthy living. The hospital has already begun to realize its mission statement, which reads 'to take health and healing beyond the boundaries of imagination. As criminal punishment has reached unprecedented levels in the United States, barriers such as voting restrictions have taken on new meaning. In his research with Jeff Manza, Christopher Uggen attempts to place the practice of felon disenfranchisement in context and consider its effects on individuals, democratic institutions, inequalities based on class and race, and civic life more generally. Can the “civic reintegration” of convicted felons strengthen democracy while preserving, and perhaps enhancing, public safety? This talk will present evidence on five key questions about felon disenfranchisement laws: their origins, their political impact, their meaning to the disenfranchised, their implications for crime and recidivism, and the degree of public support for the practice. m. Keith Shaddix said in a statement. They are being held in the Carroll County Jail. ". On Friday investigators learned that Jackson allegedly returned to the victim’s home and wanted to return the money. ". A tropical storm offshore made the recent Explorer Delegates conference in Leon County a wet one. Shooting at the range was a challenge as instructors and participants had to improvise to keep targets from getting wet and from flying off their frames in high winds.

Monroe County Explorers performed well despite the rain.

The team took fourth place in drill team - a particularly impressive feat since they only started practicing for the event five weeks ago. In shooting, the team took first place in the. SRO Deputies Will Schlegelmilch and James Jenkins were the advisors who went along to supervise and coach the team. . Labels: bonanza valley voice, brooten minnesota, rural Minnesota. Make sure to get the Friday night wrestling dual against Rockford on your calendar. We also have three home boys' basketball games scheduled: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Time to get back outside to fight the impending blizzard.

Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa boys basketball, belgrade-brooten-elrosa wrestling. About as polished a newscast as I've seen here sometime and that's saying a lot. This is a backdated post. Went there quite sometimes back. Heard about this Fei Fei Wanton, but have not tried before. Had a quick snap of the stall, the guy was looking at me as i was snapping the picture, guess must be wondering why i was taking picture. Artist Interview: London Lingerie Designer, Bow Mistress LouLou Androlia from Design That Kills. I stopped in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop today and was surprised to see this stunning quilt. Barb Hassenrik made the quilt. She said the pattern calls for "made fabric," but she used all selvages.

We're hoping she will have a class on making this.

Not only is the front beautiful, but I wanted to show you this fabric on the back! Isn't it fantastic! A special thank you to Barb for sharing with us. And a special thank you to Cathy for taking the pictures for me. Since I hadn't planned on being a the shop, I didn't have my camera and I'm an old lady with only a flip phone. ON ANOTHER NOTE: AQS On Point has a free pattern and tutorial for a water resistant towel and swimsuit tote.

♥ Caroll, Caring , Sharing and Creating Smiles.

Want to learn Twilling? Above is the block for the Ruby Short McKim BOM being offered at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. During the monthly meetings for this BOM the pattern being offered is Ruby's Flower Baskets. Occasionally guest teachers will provide techniques for hand embroidery, machine applique, adding color to flowers and more. This month Lee Anne will show you how to use the Twilling stitch to make this block. Recently, Colleen stopped in at the Attic window Quilt Shop and showed us this adorable quilt. This is a close up of a few of the blocks on Colleen's quilt. She said the pattern is from the book Farm Girls Vintage. While at the shop on Monday I noticed this Hexagon wall hanging/table topper that Vickie S. This is another cute Bow Tucks purse that Lee Ann made for the Attic Window Quilt Shop. I love how she uses fabrics. You too can make a lovely purse like this. Pick up the pattern and choose from the many fabrics at the shop. You’ll have it done in no time. The pattern for this snowman stitchery is from the Stitch Connection. I think the pattern has been out for a few years, as I made this wall hanging up from a kit the shop had a few years ago, but the patterns are back and not just for hand stitchers. The shop has the patterns for machine embroidery also. With the Pinwheel Jacket border. As you can see, the edge I chose appears to have a natural curve to it anyway - all to the good. I need forty repeats, and that's ten. I can't help but think of all the thousands of hand-knit bedspreads made over the centuries, all with knit-on borders like this, only there'd be something like a hundred or two hundred repeats, instead of forty. It makes me whine a little less. Just a little. I'm thinking a couple more pattern repeats, and then back to Tut, Tut. Or at least, very little. I had so much fun creating for it. I have been wanting to try altering a vintage book for awhile. This seemed the perfect time to do it. This book was perfect because it has a great patina and a beautiful Pine Tree on the front. It made a great backdrop for a Christmas theme. I started with simply tying my ribbons around and tying my bow. It helped keeping them in place using the Xyron adhesive runner. I love finding great design at great prices. I think it will be a great first piece for our patio. I can just imagine it with a white long tablecloth that touches the ground, a lantern in the middle with candles and some nice juicy steaks with our best friends on a warm summer night. Here is a little inspiration for future nights outside:From gardenrooms. typepad. The chicks you see here were born this past winter, the daughters of a Pumpkin Husley that came here from Greenfire Farms two years ago. I found them behind the woodpile, near the house. I discovered a nest and broyght mom and little ones inside. They have since thrived, a good deed on my part and a lucky strike for them. Over the summer these two learned to steel grain from goat feeders, perch in the safest, highest rafters in the barns, and have been the most successful free range bird I ever raised. I don't know if Greenfire still raises them or not but I am nothing but impressed with them as brooding hens and layers. No critter can catch them and they outsmart most of their chicken brethren. Among the first pieces I put up for sale in my Etsy shop when it opened in December were the Inconduits. I am still hoping it finds a good home!Sold. I think the results are already in, but please vote if you haven't yet. I would like to remind everybody of a new feature on The Altered Page: The Inspiration Station. that is inspiring me in the moment. Please note that the date of the most recent update will always be listed so you know when new inspiration has struck! I am currently being inspired by the generosity of an artist with endless talent and a heart of gold. Thanks go out to:Thank You Sharmon from True Adventures of an Art Addict for giving me the Lemonade Award, for bloggers who show a positive attitude and gratitude. and to:Thanks also to Annie from Ink Haven who passed on the Inspiration Award to me. It's fine while that spark continues, but when it dies down a bit, how do you make yourself continue? When you start new things, set your new systems up so that it's as easy as possible to do it, do it well and continue doing it. Here are a few of the things I do. Citrus and onion peels need to go in a separate container because worms don't like them. Feeding kitchen scraps to the chickens: after dinner in the evening, get a bowl and put all the table scraps in it. You can also add stale bread. Leave it in the fridge overnight, take it out in the morning, add leftover cereal and porridge and then take it out to the girls who will love you for it. You can add stale bread to the worm farm food as well. Growing vegetables: if you've never done this before, start of with a few herbs or tomatoes in containers.

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Towle and Lights, Sights and Laser trainer, Wes Doss, along with Illinois senior patrolman and firearms trainer Richard Portwood participate in an open forum discussion with the audience.

Bizarro is brought to you today by Camera Phone Self-PortraitsCHNW and I are big fans of the cell phone camera self-portrait. Well, it's CHNW mostly, she can't resist taking dozens of pics of us doing nothing. She does it everywhere: on the street, on the motorcycle, on vacation, sitting on the couch watching TV, hiding the bodies of our enemies in the backyard. She takes photos of lots of others things, as well. She has I-don't-know-how-many cameras and uses them relentlessly. I must admit she's got a great eye, many of her photos are really beautiful. On the other end of the spectrum, something that is the opposite of beautiful is any of my cartoons from my first couple of years of Bizarro. Connecting to the New Earth Grid - Jenny Schiltz I wanted to share with you an experience that I had recently in the hopes that it shines a light on what is taking place for some of us. I say some of us, because we are all at different stages and if this does not feel that it pertains to you in this moment, you may find that it will in the future. I asked my team if it were appropriate to share this experience and was told yes, that it helps to open the door of possibility for others. I woke the other morning feeling off, not quite grounded, not quite sure of what my next steps could be or where I would even find the next step. With these thoughts, anxiety bloomed through my system and I could feel the fight vs flight reaction kick in. So I relaxed myself, went into a meditative state and as often happens I found myself pulled into session with my Ascension team. He’s afraid to go to bed for fear of dying in his sleep. And yet the cures for cancer still remained tucked away because a few individuals don’t feel its “time”. But I’m sure the reasons for withholding the keys to unlock Humanities chains are justified. Right? For those that believe this funding belongs to a certain group of Human Beings, and it’s their right to decide when its released, I couldn’t disagree more. .