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Watch: The triple threat Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.

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Donald Catala with Sheriff Rick Ramsay Sheriff Rick Ramsay announced several promotions today in the bureaus of law enforcement and corrections.

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The figure could have been taller but Vegetta is rather undergrown for an adult. Nevertheless, he does has the hairstyle that gave him extra inches. There are a few other super saiyans also on sale but none are as cool as Vegetta in my opinion. Born as noble prince of the Saiyan race, it's obvious he carry his arrogance and confidence into battles. Always trying to increase his level in his everlasting race with Goku. The figure has many points of articulation and the ball joints give it a lot more poses. Another thing I like about the figurine is the removable chest shield. Kind of brings back the memories on the epic battle against Frieza. But it's okay.

That red stuff splashed across my muzzle is just the new baby calf's afterbirth.

Pretty cute, huh? So cute that I'm not going to spoil your cute high by telling you. Today's column is about education and learning and wisdom. I'll let you decide whether or not the bribes were worth it. Here's the story. Free Paper ToyKACM NES Monster Paper Toy. Hot on the heals of a very ramped up often factually erroneous shill on the GCSB bill, where the current government is merely legalising process that has been ongoing since the ballsup was created under the Clark administration, but with more oversight and tighter operational rules under that bill, we have another allied cacophony. I have indulged myself at times of leisure with such activity to the puzzlement of some of my circle. What I hear and observe on those visits, unless subsequently made subject to a suppression order is public knowledge and as such may be related by me, others present or any media present or shared later. I accept that a stupid or thoughtless act of law breaking should not impact unfavorably on someone who has turned their life around but surely such a blemish should be revealed, acknowledged and suitably carried as that person moves through life. If however the situation arises when such acknowledgement is relevant, say in a job interview then that would be addressed again where such a historical and hopefully provably irrelevant matter can be dealt with. The old adage "a leopard never changes it's spots" can be a harsh. These tent topper style cards are very addicting! this one is made with last year's retired holiday mini set, Jolly Holiday. Card stock is bashful blue, wild wasabi, whisper white and watercolor paper. Santa is stamped in black stazon and colored with the water brush and watercolor crayons to match. The designer paper is from the Winter Bright simply scrappin' kit. I created the scallop border with the corner rounder and I used the Marvy Mega and Giga circle scallop punches for Santa. Doodles are done with the white gel pen.

I added a circle behind it with some piercing.

This is a very easy layout to work with. Sure it can be maddening when you see that the only Liberals in the mainstream media are of the straw-man variety, and only manufactured and trotted out when the Beltway sages need to "Both Side" some Republican atrocity out of existence. Like for example, watching the same people who have spent their careers cowing the media into bending over for Conservatives on demand. Although we live in a "city" we often have little visitors. We've seen bunnies, skunks, coyotes, chipmunks and now. racoons in our backyard. We looked up one night and looking back at us were FIVE of these adorable little creatures! We were so excited! I ran and got the cat food to feed them. Ken wouldn't let me open the door until they were almost gone, but as soon as they heard me throw out the food to them, they came running back! What a thrill it was to watch them pick up the food and eat it! Once it was gone, they started scratching at our french doors wanting more. but, not to worry, since her "crowd" was in the low hundreds. Has anyone ever witnessed Trump coughing or even clearing his throat? . The Candy Wagon is much much cooler in my opinion!. By kickmyball There was this one guy named Josh in my history class who was sexy as hell! Unfortunately, he knew that I loved kicking guys in the nuts.

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Read some book which I had bought and did not get time.

The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Thank you to everyone who submitted a post. OldFirst Time Reading the LFCA: If this is your first time reading the LFCA or you need a refresher about how the LFCA works, please read this post. It has everything you need to know about getting your news in the LFCA. Please bookmark it!. Today's challenge won't be a surprise for those of you who have been playing along for the past couple of years. I always end the month with a "do what you love" card, because ultimately, creating the things we love with the colours, shapes and textures we enjoy, is what this craft is all about. YOUR TURN: Do what you love. Upload a photo of your creation HERE. I am very busy cooking today, I will post it in the next couple of days, so today I am posting a few recent thrift shop finds and the first attempt to clean up the garden. This is a vintage ashtray. This lobster boat was pulling traps this morning in front of our house. You can see the lobster inside the trap. Obviously he caught something he didn't want along with the lobster and back in it goes. On the way to Ogunquit we stopped at one of my favorite stores, Stonewall kitchens. They carry wonderful products and all sorts of unique kitchen items. I bought some of their things to add to the bag I am making for Mrs. It is easy to do and is really fun. I'm still working on some Christmas in July cards. Soooo not in the mood! Frankly I'm never in the mood for Christmas - even in December. Bah Humbug!! Beautiful glitzy ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbon help me get in the right frame of mind though. It's really very easy to work with too which you can see by how well it behaves for this bow. Last week I had the honor of presenting a webinar for NASSP, my national association. The educational landscape is changing thanks to continuous advances in technology. This is a great webinar to share with any school leader who wants to begin to harness the power of social media or is skeptical about how it can be effectively used to improve schools. .