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Last night I listened to an encouraging sermon about why we don't need to fear so-called random events. Our pastor told us this story: John Chrysostom was a church father in the fourth century known for his preaching. When he was a young Christian he was brought before the emperor, who told him that if he didn't give up being a Christian he would be exiled from the country. Chysostom replied, "You cannot banish me because the whole world belongs to my father. " Then the emperor said, "I will take away your property. " "You cannot", replied Chysostom, "because my treasures are in heaven. " So the emperor warned him that he would place him in solitary confinement. Chrysostom responded, "You cannot, because I have a friend who is closer than a brother, I have Jesus Christ forever. " Finally the emperor threatened him, "We will execute you. I had always lived most of my life in my head. I was very cerebral. It was easy for me to skip meals because I was caught up in a book or work. Now all of a sudden my body was taken over by this little baby and the physicality of motherhood became a bigger and bigger reality. The kids have earthed me. My needs were given the lowest priority. It is hardened and has a grind finish for the bearing fit. Thank you for looking to Cogan Valley Machine for your quality Gravely after-market parts. From Nite Callers Radio Todd Holliday grew up in central Minnesota where he and his brother spent a lot of time with their father, Pops, hunting, camping, and fishing throughout the whole state. Pops was handicapped so he was not able to take the boys into really remote areas. Wetland, bog, rivers, lakes, and wilderness became a part of his world early on. Todd now resides in Oregon and arrived there after traveling across country from Wisconsin to Montana, then to Florida and back to Colorado. After Arizona, he made his way to northern California and up to Eugene Oregon. Todd is true adventurer and nationwide traveler. He is currently staying at a Vets camp and is working on getting into a house there in order to have a base to work from. He then plans to explore the northwest corner of the country. One would think that I’d build up a tolerance to it eventually, in the same way that people in India can drink the water but a westerner’s face will melt if he so much as uses it to brush his teeth. But this is not the case. Things were going as smoothly as you please—so smoothly, in fact, that I should have known stupidity was about to pounce. Sure enough, from amid the cars, a woman suddenly emerged and ran into the bike lane. I don’t know how she made it through multiple lanes of fast-moving rush-hour traffic, but she did.

Zipcy Wise Hedonist Korean illustrator.

Our fireplace has been burning at all hours of the day and night these past several days. Following the abundant snowfall we received last week, we received an even greater abundance of freezing rain. Many power outages followed, making the fireplace our main source of heat for a few days. With the ice and cold, the blooming forsythia provided all the more warmth with its bright smiling flowers. Mike worked overtime splitting kindling and firewood. I stepped out onto the porch to snap this picture of our frozen landscape and the trees weighed down with heavy snow and ice. The oak and aspen trees fared the worst, with many broken limbs and downed trees. The sound of the limbs snapping and crashing to the ground was sad to hear. I wished there was something we could have done for them.

Today is all about writing music.

Not necessarily new music, but music that was new to us this year. I don't care if it's bubble-gum pop or country or metal, I'll listen to it if it helps me to "see" the story, so to speak. The home sits tightly in the Hollywood hills where it looks out onto breathtaking views of the city below. The team at X Ten explained that “the existing home was built as a series of interconnected terraced spaces on the down slope property. ” Because of zoning and geographical constraints X Ten built off of the existing footprint. via. Hello everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been able to post much this week. It has been a week to remember.

Enough of that.

Above is the QAYG wall hanging that I was working on prior to this week. Had hoped to get it finished, but life had different plans. Soon I hope. In the mean time I wanted to get info to you about what is happening next week at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Suzanne Marshall was the guest speaker at the West Michigan Quilt Guild last night. Marshall’s lecture included slides of her quilts, from her first attempts to her prize winning quilts. So I've been dealing with drug-resistant pneumonia for the last month. With asthma for an extra dose of excitement. First I was out of it from the fever, and then the drugs. Good times. I'd just about shaken off the Prednisone side effects, and, well. My brother died today. It's probably gonna be a week or two before I start blogging again. Veteran's Day in the U. S. To honor our veterans, we wanted to share a photo of a stunning patriotic quilt. In her Patriotic Lone Star, carefully-placed values of red and blue give amazing depth and movement and create a luminous glow. You might think that this quilt, with its many diamond shapes, is difficult to piece. The rows of diamonds are then pieced together, aligning the seams.

Check out the method in the easy-to-follow video tutorial below.

Hey guys. Good morning. I hope everyone's having a good weekend.

I hope I can make it just that much more pleasant with my update to Jeremy Chardy's page on the brieflines site.

I updated that page with three new pics.

Thanks for checking into the brieflines blog.

Have fun and be safe!. dream. inspire. We are looking forward to meeting you soon!Finally, thank you for your patience as the blog has been a bit sporadic with my orchestrating the move. Thanks so much to everyone who voted. Getting things ready around here for Thanksgiving day. Miss so much of her daily, but know she's right where she's suppose to be, right in my heart helping me to prepare the her recipes and making sure to carry on those special traditions with my family and extended family. She always decorated for the holidays, something I obviously picked up from her ingenious creativity. Here are a few picks of the things I put together around the house for the Thanksgiving. Hope you are inspired to try little decor for your holiday. I promised you some more of the card swaps from On Stage which I will be posting tomorrow.

My friday night Mom and Me class was so much fun! I always have treats and things ready for the kidlets to eat.

I stamped little images from the Halloween Hello stamp set. Use our Stampin White chalk marker to write on the front of your tins or jars. Still time to sign up. Here's the blurb:A portent of annihilation awakens the powerful sorcerer Pug in the dead of night—a dread vision warning of a vast and terrible army descending upon the exposed heart of Midkemia. Even the formidable might of the Tsurani Empire will not beat back the alien invaders. For a nightmare of treason, intrigue, and murder is brewing among an ancient Brotherhood of Death—a clan of merciless assassins whose name is spoken only in fearful whispers.

Anne Herbauts.

Or a Hot Pastrami sandwich!!Just discovered how to internally add a photo!!!Bear with me as I progress!! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. . Surf it, ride it, Put it on your wall. Heck, even the sun is on it's way to greet the new week.

Excellent day for beginners.

Here's a followup to my previous post: Anti-Trinitarian apostate Dale Tuggy attempted to respond to this post: Dale Tuggy:The only problem with this argument is that it doesn't actually imply or even suggest the deity of Jesus. Except that it does. In typology, the antitype isn't just more of the same. A prophet is a messenger. Jesus is the message. We do "believe in" prophets - that is just to trust them. There's nothing idolatrous about such trust. It is trust in the man, and not only in what he says. Just so with Jesus. More inspiration awaits over at Amy's, Carole's, Shannan's, and Susan's blogs. We hope you'll play along, too. If you upload to SCS, remember to use keyword: SFYTT. The image, Wreathabella, is colored with Copic markers.

I added a little liquid applique to the fuzzy parts.

While attending Harvard Law School, Koh wrote in its Women’s Law Journal that “minority judges still need to maintain the disguise of ‘objectivity’” in order to be taken seriously in the legal world. Honest. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Judiciary panel, was among the four Republicans who voted to send Koh’s nomination to a floor vote. The others were Orrin Hatch of Utah, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona. " What I appreciated was the frank discussion of his homosexuality: BOBPARIS. russian-oil-scam. scamwebsites. They did this in five months because that is how long the website has been up! domain: KIRENSKNEFTE. timeweb. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. He truly is one of dinarland's unseen and unacknowledged hero's. He did it because he understood how important it would be for so many so he had your back. Thanks buddy! Now it is time to have his.

I cannot overstate how your positive vibrations are needed at this time for his nephew.

In your mind's eye, see him happy, healthy, laughing and smiling again. So be it. " If that's the case, there are at least some who are saying otherwise. .