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At the same event that inspired my previous post I heard another brief talk, this one by a father and daughter team who had produced Bankaroo, a mobile app to better let kids control their budget—keep track of how much money they had, what they were saving for, what their money had been spent on. It was designed to be both a useful tool and educational software to help teach children how to deal with money. Listening to the talk, it occurred to me that I already knew of a software program that provided at least the educational part of the same service. Bankaroo was proud of having reached several thousand users. My example is a little larger. It is, of course, World of Warcraft—considered not as a game but as educational software. As in, I'm the fourth-ranked hit on Google for "Hammer Bite. " Maybe I'd be proud, if I weren't so embarrassed. Labels: handguns, Oopsie, things you find on Site Meter. An ongoing issue for me - both when I wrote these posts, and now, over a year later - is how to maintain a healthy balance between ministry inside and outside the home. You'll find an extended discussion about this issue in balancing homemaking and ministry. The following post is where it all started. Our houses. should be pleasant havens for our husbands and children, sanctuaries where we offer care and hospitality to other Christians, and gateways from which we extend the gospel to family, friends, and neighbours. These things bring to life the daily, domestic round of the Brontë sisters. The Brontës themselves believed in the ability of material objects to be charged with an almost-enchanted meaning, to be imbued by their possessors. Emily, Anne and Charlotte surrounded the characters in their novels with such articles: the wardrobe with paintings of the twelve apostles on its front that gleams out of a dark corner at Jane Eyre as she sits in the anteroom of a madwoman’s prison. The ordinary—and extraordinary—pasts of these women emerge out of the remnants of their physical selves. Attorneys who wish to attend but who are not currently members of ALRP are requested to join our Panel and accept two referrals in the next year. Due to space limitations, attorneys who have not yet joined our Panel are requested to attend only one free training per series. After joining the Panel, attorneys can attend as many trainings as they like.

The BASF Board Room is accessible to people with disabilities.

Go to EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards website homepage at.

Hill was charged with a felony count of unlawful use of a weapon and a misdemeanor count of use of a weapon without a FOID card.


The Sheriff’s Office wants to let the public know about the event so they can plan a little extra time for their travels, and so people will know to keep an eye out for the athletes participating.

m. m. For the most part, the bicyclists should be spread out over a distance, and traveling outside of the lanes of traffic. Motorists should take care, however, when passing bicyclists in the interests of safety. The cats are drugged on heat, the dogs are outside cooling off in the snow. Meow!On the other hand, I feel like I'm back in Mexico. Ahhhhhhh!. I had a nice time camping this week. The weather was a bit cool at night but the campfire felt nice and the food tasted extra good. I cooked some bacon for the hominy and a few onions and peppers for the fajitas. This week on Houzz. I'm currently in love with this chalkboard wall clock. Seriously. In. Love. eclectic kitchen design by san francisco general contractor Fitzgerald StudioTo see more great clock ideas, read the entire article here. Have a great day!. When you read it you will be afraid. Holy snap! Somebody finally heard me! I hear harps playing and angels singing. HomeRepairKuwait. Washing machine hose: Check. Re-grouting: Check. Broken dimmer switch: Check. Ouchies. ATTENUAZIONE MOTO ONDOSO NELLA GIORNATA DI GIOVEDI. Engvall says that stupid people should be given signs that warn the rest of us that they are stupid so we are ready for them when they do something stupid.

Bruce Boudreau here is your very own "I love New York" sign for you to wear on Wednesday night.

Messing with the Garden was just so dumb an idea. What in the world was he thinking in trashing Madison Square Garden? Oh Ranger fans are smart enough to realize that what his real goal was to get the focus on him rather than why his Washington Capitals were having so much trouble with the Rangers.

The book isn't published until the autumn, but producer Scott Rudin has already secured the rights, with Jolie pencilled in as the lead.

"The movie is being developed for and with Jolie," said a spokesperson for Rudin. But in the meantime, I wanted to fill you in on a new development.

As of yesterday, our agency donor cleared the initial screening process at the Denver clinic.

It had been a bit delayed because she apparently had a blind cousin. Yesterday afternoon. And then miraculously, our donor was immediately scheduled and flown in this morning to have her one-day work up. Incredible. Someone must really be looking out for us. Which would really stink, mostly because we're kind of in love with her and if we can't use her will be heartbroken, but also because financially we're paying steeply for her Denver work up and have also already sent her agency a considerable amount of non-refundable funds. "Modal age of death is used rather than life expectancy, to filter out early deaths and give an optimistic result. " Optimistically calculated or not, a memento mori is seldom a pleasant experience to view. Curious about the explosive potential of WWII mines? This video shows the controlled detonation of one recently found on the Dutch shoreline. You can read the rest at the link. It's worth one minute of your time. What was described in the psalm: "I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me,"is what happens in the Gospel, for Peter. The Lord restores him and returns Peter to being a fisher of men. That's what we see him doing in the first reading. We see Peter and the Apostles dragged before the Sanhedrin. There are many times our culture and society make the same demands of us. You and I should expect this—this is more or less the normal state of affairs for a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. So…if we don’t we find ourselves being told to "hush up" about Jesus, why might wonder, why not?This applies as well to how we, as Catholics, hear what the Church teaches us. kraftfuttermischwerk. Our amigo, Juan Calypso, over at Viva Veracruz, has donned his Beelzebub outfit. So far, he has not tempted me with "all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. He is in Las Vegas.

And one of his first stops was Fry's Electronics.

He described, in almost sensual detail, the joy of walking the aisles of one of the best electronic stores in the United States. I hope to follow in his footsteps next month in Oregon. Jeg vet ikke jeg hva jeg skal synes om dette gress. Legger seg glatt utover det hele forran bambusen. Ikke rart at prydnadshirsen som gjemmer seg under ikke har klart å vokse seg stort, det finnes helt enkelt ikke plass. Gresset, dette starrgresset altså, vil visst helst vokse i skygge og fuktig jord, kanskje det er derfor det har inntatt denne formen? Her er vel mest veldrenert og litt vel lyst. Uansett, herdigheten ser det ikke ut å være noen problemer med. She is now eligible to join the LGU Hole in One Club. Why did you do this? So now I declare to you that I will no longer drive out the people living in your land.

They will be thorns in your sides, and their gods will be a constant temptation to you".

Observation:Joshua had recently died. He was a great leader who defeated many foes. He was told to kill every one who lived in the territory and he did a pretty good job of it, but did not finish the work before he died. The people of Israel got tired of fighting and settled in the land, only partially obeying the voice of the Lord who had told them to destroy every person in the land He was giving them. He promised them if they would obey that He would fight their battles and take care of them and He fulfilled His promised while they were doing their part. Under Joshua they saw God do amazing things in defeating every enemy, but when he was gone, they did what they wanted and only partially followed the Lord. God told them that these enemies that were suppose to be dead would be thorns in their sides and temptation for them. I have been looking at a lot of images of encaustic work recently and seeing some beautifully rendered pieces in galleries as well.

So of course, I wanted to try it.

Only thing is, living in a small town not many people are advertising encaustic workshops that I could attend. So I bought a book and I bought some damar resin and we picked up an old frying pan at a garage sale. Whilst in Portland, I bought some wax already mixed with damar resin and a pot of coloured encaustic wax as well. Slowly I was building up to it. The weekend was bit misty and mizzly, so the time was right to head to the studio and play. I would now like to spend some time with somebody who actually knows what they are doing! Here are the two bits I played with and the studio mess whilst playing.



Noon at Sonnys!. parking on the GA apron. parking on Golf ?. by Dan Phillips I'm listening to several sermons by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, thanks to a Tweet from Phil. Should the Lord tarry, folks will still be hearing and reading Lloyd-Jones' sermons in a century, two, three. It was noticable here on Australia Day, a week or so ago, how Australians celebrated their country. Service clubs put on free Australia Day breakfasts in their local parks, people flew Australian flags from their cars and homes, extended families gathered for Australia Day lunch. Political activists were quietly told to fuck off. Looking across the Tasman, what do I see? A mob of sad arsed wankers shouting at each other. By then Topps had gotten away from issuing a card for each World Series game. For a moment I considered making World Series cards for the years that Topps didn't. But finding game specific photos seems like an overwhelming task. than others. I love this sweet little star-catcher bunny from The Cat's Pajamas set Wish. I did my coloring with Copic markers. The moon is anyone's guess. I'm calling it vacation withdrawal. We'll see. Just a short post today. We are heading to the mountains to buy fresh free range eggs. And to stock up on chicken and grass fed beef. I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully some good pics! Stay safe if you are in this southern ice storm!. For my card I used some SU black&white papers, Pearls from M's,Scallop nesties.

I made a medallion to show off the ribbon Look for a tut on how I made this later in the month.

Be sure to check out Really Reasonable Ribbon for this yummy ribbon. Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day!. Put the pot on as soon as you start the fire in the evening and cook it until after the kids go to bed.

Then have your stew with a glass of wine by the fire.

That’s what camping’s all about, Charlie Brown. of sliced oxtail – see TIP at the bottom. of beef broth½ c. of red wineolive oil½ c. Cook the bacon in the bottom of a big pot. .