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The sides have been 'plated over' during life-extension repairs, but it's still riding on a set of BR bogies instead of the more appropriate LMS units - a set of castings have been ordered.

Leaf on leaf on grid, part of installation by Susan Schelle and Mark Gomes.

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which you can watch HERE on Nichole Heady's blog! It's all about creating confetti with the Papertrey Ink dies.

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Hi AI-fans This will be my last post here on AI. I want to thank all scrapbooking enthusiasts for this period.

It has been fun to work with these stamps.

I used eylets and brads from Eyelet Outlet. When you use eyelets, you can put half pearls or rhine stone in the middle. It is the perfect size and gives me enough room to write what I need for my day. I have several shelf planners, a work planner, a master house planner, and pockets for brain-dumping. I prefer that everything is separated, similar to using a planner like a one-subject notebook. et puis un voeu. This is a recipe I found a couple of years ago, wrote down and the whole Burdorf family fell in love with it. Sweet and sour chicken. Let me preface this by saying if you have a busy night, don't make this recipe. If you are short on time, don't make this recipe. However, if you have a little bit of extra time, MAKE THIS RECIPE!! I have no idea how you're supposed to make sweet and sour chicken because this was the first time I've tried it with this recipe and it was so delicious I never tried anything else. Then dip them into the cornstarch and then the egg. Put them in the pan with the oil and brown both sides. I thought I'd put the upper left hand blog counter in perspective as to its intent, objective, risks, etc. As I mention in the video, I'm considering it a summer game of sorts to help maintain current momentum and keep sloppiness from creeping in. Further, here are some tips on keeping current personal momentum going: Try to identify what you're doing right. After all, something is clearly working & you'll need to duplicate it. Don't listen to anyone else or let them get you off your game. Make them do it solo, and remember that they're the speculator and you're the casino. View the "pre-momentum period" as if it never happened. You think Kobe or Tiger ever believed they missed a shot when taking the next one?. Saddam then initiated a bloody purge and began the Iran-Iraq War. At the same time the Dawa Party was carrying out terrorist attacks within the country, and failed at an assassination attempt, which resulted in the destruction of the town of Dujail. Vintage beauties like these are now for sale in my quilt shop along with quilts that I make. And since many of you email asking where to find vintage quilts, I figured it was time to sell a few from my collection. This code will be valid through July. -dana. Salome, the wife of Zebedee and mother of James and John is another Woman of Lent & Princess of the Kingdom who gives us Hope. I think of her as a woman who likes to be in control, and full of logic. This woman named Salome is no relation of the daughter of Herodius, wife of Herod, whose dancing caused John the Baptist to lose his head. This is Salome, wife of the fisherman Zebedee. Some scholars think she may have been a cousin of Mary of Nazareth. Both are still pretty impressive. Just can't get enough of Dennis Wolf. Photos by Per Bernal. This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams! and Never Wire Money to Strangers!If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam! Scammers are using these fake details!Eng- Ashraf Bashir Issa. chevronpetco. O. We're excited about our new blog venture and are working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready. Feel free to look around!. .