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Once of the purchases that I want to make before the end of the year is a new loaded desktop PC, and I have already been holding out for a few weeks with the hope that Dell will offer a more attractive deal. It turns out that I'm not the only holiday holdout though, since today CNNMoney. According to the article, a survey by America's Research Group found that about one third of shoppers will wait until the day before Christmas to finish their shopping. I've been making more pillowcases again.

I just can't seem to stop myself from making more! They are so easy and fun to make.

From Sasquatch Chronicles: Tonight we speak to Mike from the state of CO. Mike tells us about an encounter he had while camping. Mike and his friend were terrorized by a group of Sasquatchs while camping in the Rockies. This is the first time Mike has ever shared this story with the public. Is that a bigfoot clinging to the side of a tree? According to the Squatch Master, yes it is. He recently showed in a video where bark had been rubbed off on a tree in an area he was investigating. The Squatch Master believes the above photo explains just how that happens. Take a look:. I just love Elena's Let's Roll card! It is so cute, and I love how easy the dies make it to create a cute scene. Milo's ABCs is perfect for a custom sentiment! This card makes me smile! Let's Roll stamp set Let's Roll Lawn Cuts dies Milo's ABCs stamp set InLinkz. S. At a Sept. We received the following from A. S. I haven't read the book yet, but after reading Hugh's review and Andrew's response, my interest is piqued. It is now at the top of my reading list. I think the debate between Selby and Dreier raises some valid and fascinating issues about advocacy, ethics and teaching. The suspect has facial hair and was last seen wearing a black jacket over a red button-up shirt and white T-shirt underneath. ". Recently I found out that those early blog posts have been archived. Not sure if I can resurrect them or not. I do have hard copies of them all…I think. That is a project for the new year. It's really simple and gives a great effect! Now on to those great strips of cardstock in the middle of the card. To get the multicolored look I used the new alcohol markers from CTMH. Now don't you want this stamp of your very own? Head over to my website and get it today! Be sure to Join the August "I want to WIN" party at the bottom of the page for even more great chances to win! Find all the details for I want to win HERE!.

World War II Era ships have a special place in my heart.

S. S. He never did talk much about his experience on the ship or around the world, partly because he'd begun losing his memory by the time I was old enough to understand.

Nevertheless, he did impart to me the vast respectability of our veterans, and the joy of the hard work on that ship.

Because of this, I am always glad to see models of WWII ships, American or otherwise, and Forces of Valor is really bringing it to the table. Well, I finished the top. Now I have to decide how I'm going to quilt it. Any suggestions? Marjorie J.

saw an earlier post where I made my first blocks for the Charity quilt and it inspired her to do the same thing with her scraps.

It is lovely! You may remember, I first got the idea for this quilt from Alamosa Quilter. When I saw her Scrappy Little Wishes quilt I decided I had to try that. The title kinda says it all. I thought about adding a bit of dialogue, like the Red Wizard taunting Thor with, "Now, this collar is too loose, don't you think?"as he magically makes the collar tighten around Thor's bull neck. m. —rush hour is starting towind down at Grand Central Terminal. Somewhere in that yellow section of the brain above there should be a label that says "quilt binding. " You can't see it? Maybe they drew my brain. With several quilts still needing binding before the show the lingering flu/cold finally tweaked my MS and my left arm has little to no coordination/strength.

So far I have tried pinning the quilt to a pillow to keep the binding taunt while I sew it on.

The Bill of Rights apparently protects ignorance and stupidity. Irish Ayes: The Irish Troubles drag on. The country so far refuses an IMF-EU bailout - it has seen what IMF bailouts do to countries and wants no part of it. What the Irish bankers want is for the EU to guarantee a public bailout of the private banking sector, as Washington did for Wall Street, with few strings attached. In the end Ireland may be held down and forced to swallow the cure, lest the euro world convulse. The report did not indicate how many of these people had ever flown. March Pages Everyday LifeRitualsMeHolidaysPeoplePlacesPersonalityFunInspirationInspiration - came from a Better Homes and Garden magazine articleSeasonsFamily StoryThings. Haha, it's been quite some time since I posted the market crash series. It's true that history keeps repeating itself, that's because human nature seldom change.

It'll be good to learn what had happened in the past so as to derive some learning points out of it.

Surprisingly, everytime I posted the market crash series, it's somewhat relevant to the current situation now. I had taken the market crash series from this particular website and had posted it in chronological sequence. However, the lessons espoused in the posting is somewhat related to the current situation in the stock market. Every other day we read articles and hear stories of how much some fresh graduate is earning at his new job as investment banker, or how our aunt or uncle made a killing on that high-end property he or she flipped. And with the stock market soaring to new peaks, some of us must surely be feeling a little left behind as others all around seem to be making money as if gold were falling from the sky.

Amidst all this, perhaps now will be a good time to review some of investing's golden rules, as well as to put some perspective to things.

The first thing that any investor should do is to develop an investment plan and strategy. What do I mean by that? Sure, we all need a strategy to investing, but I think every person in general - and an investor specifically - should have a code, or creed, that he or she should subscribe to and live by. I love pinwheels- they are simply whimsical and remind me spring! When I set out to make my own out of paper- I quickly lost the inspiration to cut and fold. Let the surface dry. Decorate each petal with paint. Honestly this was really time consuming because I was not able to take the pinwheel apart to paint so I slowly painted each petal while taking time for them to dry in between. Gentle, kind, quiet, and striking in their appearance, these medium size laying hens from the land of tiny wooden horses are just darling. So these imports are joining us in the North Country, and I can't wait to get the call from the post office. My boss is so used to me heading out at lunch for livestock pickups it no longer even raises an eyebrow. Not a bad trait for a homesteader's manager to have. Kennedy Jr. and environmental author Bill McKibben will join regional leaders this fall for the Midwest’s first partially-solar-powered Concert for the Climate. About the Concert - FAQ Ample event parking is available at the location.

But if you can, do the climate a favor and carpool.

Their responses will be presented as a series of online and print projects. Secret Sunday was the first project and the links to all the secrets can be found on the sidebar of my blog. The Book Guild will present this list, along with links, book reviews, giveaways, and interviews with many of your favorite authors. Today our magic carpet takes us to the home of Gulay in Turkey.

Gulay writes:"My name is Gulay.

I am a reader of your blog, which I love very much, from Istanbul, Turkey. When I saw your "You, me and the kithcen sink" series, I wanted to send some photos of my own kitchen as well. As I was looking at the pictures that were sent to you earlier, I noticed that all those women from around the world have approached their kitchens with care and love. For all of us, no matter if we are Turkish, American, Australian etc. “There could have been nothing. It might have been easier. Instead there is something. The universe exists, and we are here to ask about it. "Learning Analytic Philosophy" by Prof. James Anderson. It's good to make sure we don't ignore anything Jesus said. Jesus also said to love our neighbor. g. Yesterday I made the after school kids sushi. None of them had ever had it before and some were dying to try it. What an experience it was. Some of the kids were afraid to try it but in they end they all ate some. About half the kids loved it A few kids only ate a couple pieces and they were dared by the other kids to try it. There was a lot of laughter and they had lots of fun. In the end, there wasn't a piece left. Happy Thanksgiving. Spike and I are just chilling out on the couch, watching AMC's Dukeathon. Back to back John Wayne all day. Turkey in the oven, pop in some potatoes and veggies later on. Eat some, nap some, gonna be a good day. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. It's quite an interesting collection of photos and research and would like to get the word out. Thank you! There are also a lot of additional interesting threads there. Here are a few if you ever need any other information to spread. .