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She would wear it for only very special occasions. My Grandmother was in it, waiting to be buried in the cemetery. Anita Kaushal's FamilyLifeStyle Home has to still be one of my favourite interior-devoted reads. You can also take a look at her beautiful online shop, happiness itself. Have a charming March weekend!. Watch in HD for the highest resolution and best view. Please contact me, I'll be glad to send original Pics for independent research. On the site of TGS I could only find some small pictures of the bike and zero info about the build. "Raul Castro authorizes exits from small jails but still does not announce exits from the big jail. " - Yoani Sanchez, on Raul Castro's announcement tonightExpectations that the long hated travel restrictions placed on Cubans by the dictatorship would be lifted were heightened today. Deutsche Press-Agentur reported that "Rumours were rife Friday that Cuban President Raul Castro might lift travel restrictions and allow people to go in and out of the country more freely. "Raul Castro poured cold water on the expected announcement reported the Associated Press claiming that Cubans exercising their right to enter an exit their homeland could effect the stability of the regime: “Some have been pressuring us to take the step … as if we were talking about something insignificant, and not the destiny of the revolution. ” Over the years the rumors that the travel restrictions placed on Cubans by the dictatorship would be lifted has circulated. Agasunset received a black pendant adorned with red beads in the pendant exchange and sent a silver pendant with a Swarovski crystal in return.

Aileen enjoyed making the scissors fob with her initial so much that she has made several in different colours.

In the fast paced, high information era in which we live, how do you maintain client confidentiality and privilege while still meeting the demands of the client? In this course we will cover the importance of protecting client confidences, understanding electronic media, finding ethical solutions to inadvertent disclosures, ethical implications of using cloud storage and navigating the ethical minefields of social media as legal professionals. Black – Temple Emanuel, Denver, CO God – you dwell on High. You lie down with those in the street. God – your voice rolls down like thunder. We find You in the silent questions that plague us in the middle of the night. God – You set a standard for our behavior. This one HERE is for the PAR+RS site, and I think it's going to be open for other participants to document their progress in addition to my own inane ramblings. Chance and I went for a walk. The skeeters are alive and well. The Wild Roses have just begun to bloom.

This rose is native to Minnesota.

It is interesting to note that some Wild White Roses showed up at the old school site near the cemetery. This is the first year I have seen them. The ditch is just full of them…could be I have missed them other years …but I doubt it.

We mowed the lawn again.

I am cleaning the house one room at a time…I only have the dining room, kitchen and upstairs left to do. Slow and easy does it. Interior stylist Tina Hellberg created these wonderful pictures together with photographer Magnus Anesund. via. Grueling flight schedule back from the curiously dry Pacific Northwet. Freaky. Here's a picture of Mount St. Helens. I'm gonna get some shut-eye. Veronica De La Cruz made her long-awaited debut on KPIX Tuesday night and it was impressive, to say the least. De La Cruz, a Bay Area native and highly-touted anchor from NBC in NY, was confident, relaxed, and delivered a first-outing performance which was very good on a number of fronts. She was genuine and sincere, all the while professional and frankly, that's refreshing. A good look indeed. We visited my parents at their beach house on the New Jersey shore. They were up on a medal table. My mom told me she likes to go to Lowes. She said they have a table that is full of dead plants. My mom buys the dead plants. You heard me right. After a while they begin to bloom and look really good.

Still with the crappy 'tude.

Without the Goob. Can't wait. But for now, a jumble of thoughts. " After that we shut up. I got something in the mail yesterday telling me what all I'd need, and I'm set except for handcards. Which kinda pisses me off, because this is a class about spinning, not fiber prep. Plus using handcards makes me feel like I've got rabid squirrels chewing my hand off at the wrist. A few thoughts about the passing of Michelangelo Antonioni.

During the famous shot which slowly moves away from Jack Nicholson's body, through a hotel window, finally turning in a geometrical pattern to reframe the scene from an exterior viewpoint, an elderly man in the theater starting shouting, "It's too SLOW, the photography's good, the acting is good.

but it's too damn SLOW!!!!" Antonioni's pacing had caused the Outcry. I was fascinated, the other patron was bored. All those quarters I wasted in Pac Man, never knowing that there is a square where you can "hide" from the ghosts: The right side of the T-section beneath the ghost regenerator can be used as a safe spot where the ghosts are unable to find and catch Pac-Man. There are two conditions that must be met to make the safe spot work for Pac-Man. The first is that none of the ghosts must "see" Pac-Man enter the safe spot. If they do, they will follow him in there, and the said spot will not be safe. The other condition is that Pac-Man must be facing north. You can enter from the east and quickly change orientation to point north.

I only venture out before sunrise and after sunset.

well, not everyday but most days. ” As a result, the government has had to spend scarce resources on retrofitting sewage systems. Elsewhere in Germany and the rest of Europe, the emptying landscape provides an opening for an unlikely immigrant: the wolf.

German biologists expect the growing packs to head soon toward Berlin.

Although I think Chuck Colson is a straight-shooter, am I wrong to be just a little skeptical of these claims?Still, the larger problem is real. The pill and the condom: anti-sacraments for secular man. Today I changed over to a new Blogger Template. Fortunately, I had copied them to a text file just in case. Still, it took me about an hour to re-enter them all. Our spare bedroom is really small and is currently my office space- you can see how it has changed and evolved HERE and HERE. For now I still need to use this space as my office but it was crammed full of art supplies, projects and junk. I cleared everything out except for my work desk and moved things around to make space against two walls for a sofa bed and bedside table. Then I got busy painting a statement wall! Yes, I know this might sound like a lot of work and totally excessive but in my world, art is how I show my love and my sis in law is one of my favorite people who deserves lots of love. More than anything I wanted to create a cozy and special space for her. Oh, man, I seem to have had the kind of weekend I need a weekend to recover from, since I'm still dragging and groggy. At this time of year, just leaving the house requires an act of will that is draining. I have fun while I'm out once I get past the leaving-home phase, but then that means I'm more tired than I usually would be afterward. And the extreme introversion means that social occasions are tiring, even if they're fun. One of the most life-changing moments I've had in understanding myself was the first time I took an official Myers-Briggs personality assessment. It was at a professional conference, and they gave all the attendees the official test. I was really surprised when it showed that I was pretty extreme on the introvert scale. That meant I didn't know what was wrong with me when I looked forward to quiet evenings at home and wasn't the life of the party. Some draw their energy from being around other people. “Attention crew. We will soon be arriving at the Known Rim, where it is likely we will find ourselves engaged in a hopeless battle against impossible odds, facing an implacable foe intent on destroying not just the Affiliation, but all other sentient life-forms in the galaxy. In other words, just another day in the adventures of Captain Hadrian Sawback and the crew of the Willful Child. “My advice to everyone is, get used to it. We’ll face death. We’ll clash with terrible forces and belligerent enemies. We’ll uncover mysteries and probably get seriously grossed out in the process. But one thing must be understood, and have no doubt about this: No one dies on this ship! Well, bearing in mind my warning about kitten pictures. “In a short while, we will be at battle stations. Do what you’ve been trained to do. Thanks to the folks at Night Shade Books, I have five copies of David Constantine's The Pillars of Hercules up for grabs! For more information about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. You can also visit David Constantine's official website here. Here's the blurb:Alexander, Prince of Macedon, is the terror of the world. Persia, Egypt, Athens. one after another, mighty nations are falling before the fearsome conqueror. Some say Alexander is actually the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and the living incarnation of Hercules himself. Worse yet, some say Alexander believes this. The poor bugger at two must have needed a change of undies and I have no clue as to what the moron in the White sedan leading ended up with, if anything as a ticket but it was a very clear case of "driving without attention" even "inconsiderate road use". Stuff reports the ladies of the night are struggling. In an industry I have never found the need to engage, the one that plays on lust and erotic and/or base desires of the flesh, it is suggested to be facing new challenges in the age of the app. Tinder, Grindr, findsomeone, and other hook up sites have the advantage that there is a good chance the pimp and the drug dealer will be cut out, not to mention the IRD. Is the possible demise of that oldest profession in the face of the digital age and a contemporaneous raising of dangers, progress or not, time will tell but for now rooting for dosh might be rooted in its previous guise. Here's one the British government prepared earlier. What caused the problem?. the Ofsted report. shows that teachers were appointed without proper qualifications and that the school was not properly overseen. What a clusterfuck. Good job no New Zealand government would fund some oddball group to run a school with unqualified teachers and no oversight, eh?. You can see the full gallery HERE. by Lorie Souther by Laura Williams by Beverly Sizemore by Kristine Reynolds by Frances Byrne Happy Stamping!. Hi all, I am going to be going inactive in a week. I would like to thank you all for being great fun to talk to and hang out with. From the RIF to the Telegraph, most of you have been extremely supportive and friendly. I am leaving due to real life requiring more and more of my time.

I may be back in the future- when my exams finish in June I will suddenly have a lot of free time.

Happy Valentine's Day, Groove-ophiles! Don't wanna get all mushy and stuff, but hey, Ol' Groove appreciates all'a ya! Ol' Groove tried to find something kinda cool to post for this special day. Heat the oil in a large casserole pan over high heat. Transfer to a bowl. Repeat with remaining chicken. Bring to the boil.

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