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Good morning all. Magnolia-licious Highlights team and the Magnolia-licous Challenge Blog team are have paired up, yet again for a Blog Hop!! So if you arrived here from Janiel's blog, you are on the right track. Otherwise, please go back to the beginning and play along. Look below to see all the details to play. I added a healthy coating of Liquid Glass onto the Surfboard. S. In fact, the only remnants of the Hornby model are the boiler, smokebox and cab. While the mechanics of the model were sound, the paint job was a little rough and ready. And besides, I fancied a green version with GWR lettering rather than the austere BR black that the model arrived in. Luckily, the plastic loco bodyshell was self-coloured plastic, so all that needed was a rubdown with abrasives and a good scrub. The controlled application also meant that only the body sides and ends could be treated, without affecting the chassis or bunker. Eric Packer, the icily charismatic asset manager played by Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis, does a great many interesting things in a single, fateful day. In his white stretch limousine, he attempts to traverse Manhattan in gridlock traffic amid violent Occupy-like protests, and all in search of a haircut. He forfeits hundreds of millions of dollars in a suicidal currency-speculation bid. He also has sex with Juliette Binoche. He also endures a weirdly erotic prostate exam while staring into the eyes of a sweaty associate. He gets a pie in the face from a “pastry assassin” who travels with a crew of paparazzi. He is stalked by an actual would-be assassin as well. I'm off to spend a week at the beach with my daughter. Maybe I'll check my email. Maybe I won't. Talk to you all when I get back next Weds.

The film has already been conceived for two years, with a year of preparation this year it finally got the green light.

The film will start production next month and will be released next Lunar New Year. The lead actress will be Mainland actresses Tiffany Tang Yan and Michelle Bai Bing.

Ting Fung will be paired with Tang Yan, but they will not be a couple as she will have a crush on him.

Jung Yong-Hwa will be paired with Bai Bing. Losing his father earlier, Ge You has not made a movie in a long time. This time Mr. One thing that I share with our youngest daughter Jen is a love of photography. She is always up for an adventure. It is interesting to see how differently we see the same thing through our lenses. Usually when she visits she says “Mom lets go take some photos!” So off we go. Sometimes I take photos of her …that usually irritates her. Oh well she had good knees and can still crouch down to get photos. She is off on a adventure and I am anxious to see all of her photos when she gets back. Last evening she called and we were able to see her and Andy on a beach that had a webcam. Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps. Whatever the size of the higher institution or your business model is, the basics of marketing remains the same. The only thing that have changed is the number of options that you uses to reach your potential customers, though businesses will continue to make use of traditional marketing methods, such as advertising, direct mail and PR, e-marketing adds a whole new element to the marketing mix many business are producing good results with e-marketing and its flexible and cost- effective nature makes it particularly suitable for small businesses. These are called content theories because they focus on the content of the motivators. The REAL deal, but a Dahlia of a different color. I most wished that DePalma had the guts to forego color altogether, even the slightly stylized scheme he employs and filmed it all in b&w instead of just the nudie reels the cops keep running over and over and over. When I asked Jess Franco who his favorite directors were he immediately said "Orson Welles. " No surprise there. Then he said "Brian DePalma" and I stifled a groan. But I understood what possibly attracted him to the director of BLOW OUT, SCARFACE and BODY DOUBLE, the last DePalma films which I felt had something exciting in terms of style. And what is Brian DePalma without STYLE? Decadence, voyeurism, Hollywood. YouTube link. " I can't quite wrap my mind around the concept of such immensely negative pressures inside trees, but then I was an English major. A tip of the blogging hat to reader Dan Noland, who found the video. Wishing you a star-spangled down home Fourth of July! May it be full of Sparklers and S'Mores! Play with us at Pals Paper Arts!.

and dollar short.

that is me lately.

Summer is just wheezzzzzzzzzzzzzzing by and I have not had time to breathe.

We will be leaving here shortly to go on vacation and I am looking forward to it. Sooo I will again be awol. I think you can figure out which one it is. 'Pirate Shark' paper toy created by Tougui. Genesect is a Legendary Bug-type and Paleozoic Pokemon. and look hot doing it.

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it might have you drooling! i am in love w/ the pulls they use and the color finishes are so up-to-date!. I found this vintage train case at a thrift shop recently. I wasn't sure about what to do with it, but I thoughtit had potential. So. I decided to decoupage it with copies of letters, postcards and envelopes written by my Daddy during his many yearsand worldwide travels as an international business executive. It's hard for me to believe that he's been gone almost a year now. I really miss him. But. And it has barely just begun to unfold. I am overflowing with gratitude and savoring each and every moment of my adventure in art. I was interviewed for this feature by my friend Rice Freeman-Zachery, which was a pleasure on its own.

Also included are a number of images of my artwork from the last few years.

The photography in Somerset Studio is second to none and the level of detail that they captured in my work is astonishing. Although I knew that the profile would be published in this issue, I did not know until very recently that my artwork would be on the cover. Q: How many diary inserts does one Filofax user need to use at any one time? A: In my house, nine paper and two digital. I know, pick yourself up off the floor and I will explain how my system came to be and why it works for me. The need I am a lawyer by day and at night/weekends building a career as a textile artist. To enhance both I do a little freelance writing about art and law. I also love to travel, bake, journal, do yoga and read. Sometimes I blog and know I ought to keep my websites up to date better. En attendant demain. notre jardin n'a pas encore trop froid.

Many Socialists have given extraordinary military service throughout New Zealand history.

However amongst Politicians there is a gulf filled with remarkable hypocrisy. A very good fit for Groucho Marx and his great quote " I have principles and if you dont like them I have others. " Then in more recent memory a previous anti war protester Helen Elizabeth Clark had no qualms celebrating the award of a well deserved VC for Willy Apiata, for publicity and to make for more revealing partisanship declined to allow any opposition participation by members of the opposition. If Cam is correct in reading war records it was not" my grandfather Bob Tuke" but another Tuke who may or may not be related. Cunliffe did not need to elaborate or embellish Bob Tukes five years of service that had sufficient merit, but the guy apparently just cannot help himself. Going Horizontal I have always liked it when Topps turned the cards sideways especially when they added an action shot. In recent years, Topps frequently has been using a horizontal variations within their sets. But I'd like to see some of the more vintage sets with horizontal variations. I know certain layouts don't adapt very well to a horizontal version. But take a look at these real Topps cards. I. B. M. How Rush Limbaugh Decides What Is True The talk-radio star explains his epistemology: True conservatives are always right. Every now and again, a particularly rigid ideologue struts across the public stage. In the nature of the case, slogans are apt to be intellectual shortcuts. There's not a lot of thought that stands behind the slogan, so it can be hard to pin down what it means. However, I think the slogan trades on the stereotype that pious Christians are too otherworldly to make the tough calls that a president must make to protect us from our enemies. The slogan may have varied connotations, depending on who uses it, but that's the connotation I wish to focus on. That's a very damaging stereotype. The notion that Christian ethics is too softhearted, too idealistic, to offer practical guidance in protecting the innocent. So at that point we resort to "pragmatism" and "consequentialism". Here are some thoughts before I go to bed. The biggest theme of the debate was class warfare, unsurprisingly. Among the current frontrunners, Trump, Bush, and Fiorina are the most vulnerable. Somebody like Rubio or Carson would be far better. But it's better to have a messenger who isn't as susceptible to the class warfare demagoguery as Romney was. Sanders said something to the effect that the poor and the middle class are the economic backbone of the nation. He also said that all of the money in the nation goes to the rich. For further information on these Scams, please Read . I added my ideas on the topic and attempted to link techniques and strategies I utilize to both teachers and administrators. I do this in the beginning of the school year in the form of a letter that is sent home to all parents.

The hype leading up to the passage of Obama care included claims that the bill would protect the country from bankruptcy,bend the health care cost curve and boost health care quality.

See here for the projection of OBM. The one trillion dollar number seemed to play an important role in the push and pull going on before the health care bill was passed. The cost of the plan had to be less than one trillion and getting the projected cost to be less than one trillion apparently played a significant role in the bill finally being passed. However, the cost estimates were rigged and only three years later are we getting more realistic projections showing how much flim- flam was involved. .