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One of the things legal rules do is to allocate risk, so one of the subjects covered in teaching the economic analysis of law is the economics of risk allocation, conventionally put in terms of the economics of insurance. Designing optimal rules in this context is hard, because there are three different objectives and no reason to expect the rule that is best for achieving one to be best for the others. The second objective is optimum incentives for controlling risk.

Often, although not always, the same person who starts out bearing the risk is the one in the best position to take precautions against it.

From this standpoint insurance is the problem, not the solution. Once I have insured my house or factory for its full value, the incentive to me to take costly precautions to make it less likely to burn down is low. This is the problem described in the literature as moral hazard, not because taking risks is immoral but because “moral” in this context has an older meaning close to “psychological. This is my first Bunka doll. Bunka doll has an orthodox method of making. But I don't know it. So I made it in my original way. This is a fake Bunka. Bunka doll is a sort of Japanese doll. Not so traditional. 'Bunka' means 'culture'. I don't know the origin of the name. In that time, people must have admired foreign dolls and wanted to make European dolls by their own. Onto my project: I used the Believe in Magic set by our our new artist, Cory. I just LOVE these reindeers. I used a pretty clean and simple design. Morning.

If you know me, you know that I LOVE cupcakes! Anything and everything.

I love cupcakes. I know it's a craze all over now! I also like to make cupcakes and eat them. I chatted with Susan recently about blogging. I now blog for an hour a day during the early afternoon, which is a time my family don’t need me, and during the occasional evening my husband is working. I won’t pretend it doesn’t creep outside these times. I don’t blog much on weekends, I’m too busy with my family! As for ideas, I try to do Christian reading for ½ hour a day, listen to Christian talks on my iPod, and we buy newspapers now, to keep the input flowing. What are the dangers of blogging and being immersed in the online world?Obsession. Time-wasting. Stealing time, thought and energy from what’s really important: my family. Press Release: Wheels change and so have we. This new support plate provides accurate and precise wheel bearing removal and installation on the latest Harley-Davidson cast wheels without risk of damage. The plate attaches to the brake rotor mounting holes and is used in conjunction with both the JIMS sealed wheel bearing puller No. It's been unusually cold here in Utah and we have had lots of snow. that means that it's snowman season! That's okay with me because you know how I heart my snowmen. Even though Christmas is put away. I made these vintagey snowman boxes in December for gifting to some of my friends. I thought I would show you just a few pictures of the process. The Selby You may have seen a glimpse of their house on Plum TV but thanks to The Selby here is a more intimate look at Kate and Andy Spade's home. Editor's note: Thanks to Christian at of Fountiansfor points this out to me. Here it is as a pin and done again as part of a necklace. Cost: No charge More Information And Registration. QUALITIES OF A GOOD COUNSELLORIntroduction The personal and professional qualities of counsellors are very important in facilitating any helping relationship. A counsellor must be well equipped to assist individuals to make adjustments and live a happy and harmonious life. The adjustment can be with regard to the school and curriculum, vocation and personality. For effective counseling, the counsellor must be equipped with two kinds of data. First he must have data relating to the counsellee’s background aptitudes, achievements, interests, plans etc. Further, he must have the skill to interpret this data. Secondly, the counsellor must have information about the areas in which the counsellee may seek his assistance.

These areas may be educational or personal.

With these two kinds of information he assists the counsellee to match his individual patterns of potentiality with appropriate opportunity. Counsellor’s who continually develop their self awareness skills are in touch with their values, thoughts and feelings. They are likely to have a clear perception of their own and their client’s needs and accurately assess both. Hey Everyone! Its Ashley here again with last weeks Sketch Saturday WINNER!! Remember. everytime you enter a card inspired by our sketch you are entered to win an ENTIRE set of images from the Blackleaf Store! AND I will post your winning card and link your blog! How fun is that?! Just for being creative!Here was our sketch from last Saturday And here is our winning entry!! CONGRATS TO JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!Isnt her card just adorable?! Its so sweet. I love the sentiment and it matched the sketch perfectly! Great job. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week there may be short traffic delays on the Seven Mile Bridge. A deputy will be working at that location to make sure the delays are minimal.

Didn't take the whole plate of the foods except the first dishes as the waiter is there to scoop for everybody.

Also Little Owl calling from Little Broomhill upon closing Broomhill Flash. When we talked to Ranger's Director of Player Personal Gord Clark about Hobbs, the thing that Clark keyed on was that Hobbs plays better when he is either playing with or against better players. This year an older and more experienced Hobbs is being counted on to provide a lot of offense. Chris at the Attic Window has created some new kits called “Too Cute Too Cut”. You can see why the fabric is adorable, perfect for a crib or kids quilt. The kit uses the Marcus Brothers “Bundle of Jungle” fabrics and is made up in pink or aqua. This quilt is so easy to put to together, you can make several with other fabrics that are too cute to cut in no time at all. This quick and easy quilt has a modern look using a simple traditional pattern. I have always been interested in hearing about a woman's first time with another woman. I don't think I am alone in this because there are books about first times sold like this one called True Stories of Lesbian Awakening. and there used to be a website that talked about anyone's first time having sex either hetero or not. I obviously have had my first time with men, first time with a woman. but arent there more ways to understand first time ? Yes there is a first time kiss but there are also the first times. Dress: BCBG. Purple Cropped Cardi: Chadwicks. Shoes: Sam & Libby. I always think it's fun to incorporate little details into my wardrobe that may have a special meaning that only I know about. Well, today I'm sharing my "secret significance" in this outfit. Everyone knows I'm a shoe loving gal. In business reporting, the word 'revised' is generally followed by 'downward'. Christmas Shopping: In preparation for the giving season, Obama will give the Republicans the tax cuts they demand for the ridiculously rich, in hopes of getting them to behave for a little while. Bush has confessed that “Damn right” it was he who “personally ordered waterboarding” - a form of torture which is a crime under international law. Self-Hoisting Petard: Bernanke explained that QE will increase stock and asset prices and lower long term interest rates. He hopes that higher stock prices will boost consumer wealth and help increase confidence, which can also spur spending. Excuse me, Mr. I thought I was starring in Wildcat. Which was odd because I was sitting in a dentist chair in Manzanillo for round two of my root canal. And it wasn't because the musical's run ended badly. Or that I had transformed into Lucille Ball. It was the drilling. Lots and lots of drilling. If my appointment last week could be characterized as clearing the land, yesterday was all about drilling out the fillings from the previous root canal. I was going to add "consumption" at the end of that sentence. But why gild the obvious?Just walking through Costco's door transports me to a different world. Some expatriates feel as if they are still up north when they shop at Costco. Not me. Just looking around at selections, labels, and prices is evidence enough that I am in Mexico. Along with the obvious fact that my fellow shoppers are conversing in Spanish. And I seldom bag any exotic game at Costco these days. Last weekend when my parents were here, mom and I made our usual trip around the corner to a little coffee/gift shop. They were having quite the sale. They had all these scriptures on their mantels and I fell in love with the way it looked. So I picked one up. Here is what ours says. It wasn't THAT hard to apply it, and if I ever did it again, I think I learned a few tricks. I could never be the type of artist that stays isolated in the studio.

Whether it is through online interaction, art collaborations, or actual in-person meet ups, other folks are always close by.

For this, and so many other reasons, the Art is. You retreats have always held a special place in my heart. They say you always remember you first and I have had a lot of firsts at Art is. He owns the HySy ArtMask Studio, where he sells bespoke masks. His body is covered in tattoos and his kakugan always remains visible. Kaneki describes his appearance as being a little scary. As a teen, his hair colour was a lot lighter, swept back and kept down sometimes with a hairband. He did not have any of his tattoos during this time. His ghoul mask is an expressionless face with a stitching design similar to a voodoo doll covering the eyes and the white surface. The Cook just got back from shoppng and she couldn't stop laughing. There was bloke in the fruit section of the supermarket putting apples out for sale. He was putting a brand sticker on each apple. Along side him was a grumpy old bugger peeling off the stickers as he put each apple into his shopping bag. "I'm not going to pay for your fucking stickers!. One of the first offers for votes from Laila Harre is "free tertiary education for all" in the first of a list of unfinished business Herr Schmit's Poodle brings to the election campaign. Basic economics Ms Harre, it will never be free so why didn't you say all tertiary fees to be subsidised, because that is what it will be.

Another bunch of dreamers with diplomas in bone carving, maypole dancing, salsa and whatever a smart course planner can devise to attract funding but with zero associated employment opportunities for graduates.

They are not "Free" someone else is paying and it will not be a fat German benefactor waiting for US Marshals to call at Coatsville. you're not paranoid if they really are out to get you. And you say, “No. FISCAL. ENTITY. And if anybody has any explanation other than that, I would love to hear it. And again, I would just encourage you to look at the people who are populating the United States government, the bureaucracy, the federal reserve banks. And look at their CVs. I had no real expectations, but I decided it was worth a try for that little, especially considering the batteries were included and I didn't have to invest in those. I had actually been wanting to try spin art for awhile and had spent the whole summer checking yard sales for a salad spinner for that purpose. This was even better, though, because we don't have to make it spin ourselves. Both Mia and Logan loved making spin art over the weekend. In fact, Logan asked to do it again this morning, and he really isn't all that into arts and crafts, so I knew I had found a true winner this time. That doesn't mean OT ethics covers every conceivable situation, but it covers a lot more ground than NT ethics. Of course, that's because it was, in part, a civil and criminal law code for a nation-state. However, the issue this raises is whether NT ethics is sufficient to give Christians moral and practical guidance on a host of issues where its silent. Some Christians write off OT ethics in toto, as an inseparable part of an obsolete covenant. Some Christians focus on the Decalogue, but ignore the OT case law. Some Christians attempt to supplement NT ethics with natural law theory. Lying Under Oath Banning Assault Geezers Motivational Writing. .