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It's terrible. My best friend woke me this evening with the news, which I had missed before going to bed for the day. Regular readers here will recall that I'm a big proponent of running away from an attack, if you can, and if you're not charged with the duty to stop it. Trust me, I'm not saying that a suicide charge needs to be mounted every time a disturbed individual gets a little gunhappy. I'm saying that, when you find yourself in a corner, and there's no way out, you have to say to yourself, "I ain't goin' like that. " Maybe you don't have the means or the freedom to carry a firearm. Maybe you've utterly blown it, and you've got nothing at all beyond the body and the clothing that God and J. C. Going forward, the hotelier will no longer invest its own capital into new luxury-residential and new timeshare properties. Editor David J Phillips does not hold a financial interest in any stocks mentioned n this article. “The fool says in his heart, "There is no God. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles. Filson X VansFilson X Vans marketing campaign is a classic case study on how two brands can join together to truly make something special. Along with a great product, a few videos were produced to show the genesis of the collaboration as well as an insightful look into production process. photo credit: Hypebeast. He replied that ‘literature cannot be the business of a woman’s life: & it ought not to be’. The Keynote Speaker will be Jenny Uglow, OBE. The conference weekend will include an optional excursion to The Gaskell House, the home of Charlotte’s friend and biographer, Elizabeth Gaskell, which has recently been opened to the public. courtesy of singtao. cc Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Kent Cheng Juk Si, Cally Kwong Mei Wan, Edmond So Chi Wai, Real Ting Chi Ko and others yesterday attended a charity bowling event to raise fund for Tung Wah hospital student all purpose development fund. Sam Gor said that he has not bowled for years. He recalled that he and Andy Lau Tak Wa used to bowl all the time, but due to traffic jam he was often late and bowled without any practice. In addition his bowling gear has already vanished without a trace. He said that when he bowled he would embarrassed himself in front of others with "gutter balls". courtesy of on.

cccourtesy of singtao.

Chan Tak Sum could not be more excited, "Chi Tan's character attracted viewers to keep watching. I hope in the future we will head toward this direction, and not fight for the sake of fighting. Josh Alan Friedman presents a solo performance/reading and signing to celebrate the new edition of the Friedman Bros. ' notorious Any Similarity to Persons Living or Dead Is Purely Coincidental from Fantagraphics. Fri. Sept. " Josh will premiere these songs Mon. This presents the work of the best graduates from last year's degree show. A final few things left to sort out, but keep an eye on the Yuck 'n Yum site over the weekend for full coverage of the night's events. via. It's been a week since the story evolved. From the end of the Boston Marathon when the very first bomb went off to Friday night's dramatic conclusion when the second brother was cornered and eventually apprehended in a boat in the backyard of a suburban Boston city. Surreal. And a weekend's worth of predictions, analysis, and why did they do this rants. We will no doubt now go into a phase of legal and ethical questions. Why did they not Mirandize the second guy? As Jeffrey Toobin of CNN noted the government has an open-and-shut case. You'd have to think someone screwed up here, details to follow.

It's a legitimate angle, don't get me wrong, especially in lieu of Boston, but the over-hype will render it useless.

I'm still weary of why a local station would send a reporter to begin with. All of the supplies you need to create the project will be included.

This is a great way to build up your supplies and make a great project!.

S. Racing Greyhounds routinely experience terrible injuries on the track such as broken legs, cardiac arrest, spinal cord paralysis and broken necks. Most enclosures are not heated or air-conditioned. Many dogs suffer from fleas, ticks and internal parasites and are not provided basic veterinary care, human affection, or adequate sustenance.

" A quote from the ASPCA.

I learn something new almost everyday here. I've been seeing Schield Bantam products for a while now. I just never had the chance to really look it up. Today I ran up to Office Max to have my drawing copied and increased in size for my story quilt. Yikes! Not exactly the time of year to be thinking of Halloween. The above panel is Trick or Treat by Moda and you can pick it up today at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. This panel is also by Moda. These panels are fantastic and you will find the coordinating fabrics in at the shop too. Just in case you are not ready to think about that time of year, how about these luscious fabrics.

They are part of that Floralicious line by Bernatex.

that I told you about here. For almost two decades, archaeologist Steven Sidebotham has been uncovering—literally, layer by layer—the secrets of an ancient, multicultural Egyptian city that reveals a new chapter of its story each time he visits. "This is an amazing, huge site with excellent preservation" because of the desert climate, Sidebotham said. We'll never be finished with it. C. Ronald C. Clark Jr. A long and quite interesting article at Literary Hub traces one writer's journey to document the use of dildos by the wives of Nantucket whalers. They Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: Sure, Europe is overwhelmed with the tens of thousands of desperate migrants fleeing hunger and violence in Africa and the Middle East , but this is just the beginning. As global warming continues and continues to worsen, the violence and the hunger will only grow, as will the waves of migrants.

Over the next couple of decades the numbers will not be tens or hundreds of thousands, but millions, perhaps tens of millions.

Europe best get ready. So should the United States, because things to our south are not going to get any better either. Plan B: After two months of investigation, Republicans in the House have concluded that Planned Parenthood did not sell fetal tissue for profit, did not break any law, and did not misuse any federal funds. They also concluded that they would have to defund Planned Parenthood because they still don't like it. But in terms of changing the policy they object to, it indisputably failed. Or was the sole purpose of the march to get worked over by the Old Bill and the media? In which case, medals all round. The essence of non-violent action is to level the playing field between the powerful and the powerless. It is only when the powerful find it expedient that they will deign to open discussions with those they could otherwise ignore. They've finally finished re doing Oak St. , and it looks great.

It's always nice to see huge vats of boiling grease for frying shrimp on the sidewalks.

There were lots of people. Among others, I ran into my former landlord with his much much younger, very handsome bought-and-paid-for boyfriend, whose nipples were leading the way. It was a bit chilly out. I was too dazzled by those nipples to get a picture. Sorry. Oak is rapidly gentrifying, but it's still pretty old school, thankfully. Didn't know that my post on 'Statistics lie!' generated quite a healthy discussion on what is fair and what is not. My aim of the post is to highlight the fact that statistics are used to show and highlight what the person intends to say - or to add weight to what had already been said. As such, there really is no fair way to represent statistic without the risk of misleading someone. Though I say that, there are plenty of ways to confuse and obfuscate the casual reader and it is these that we must really be careful. A case example to note: There are people who say buy and hold is good. Warren Buffet buys and hold, and he is a good example of person who buys and holds stocks. To add weight to this statement, the person might quote him saying that he said his timeline for holding stocks is forever.

But the fact is that Warren Buffet didn't buy and hold ALL his stocks forever.

I rarely, if ever throw away my scraps. From time to time I like to sit down and use my scraps to create handmade beads. Handmade beads are nothing new but I think it is so important to be reminded of just how far you can take things that typically get tossed out. Recently, I grabbed my beads and turned them into a big colorful statement necklace- it's not for everyone but I love textural and funky jewelry. Typically I started by pulling out my favorite scraps- I like color so I tend to grab the most colorful scraps. Keep in mind that anything that can be rolled up can be used to create a beads- canvas, fabric, paper, etc. Next I cut them into strips. I think it's because there is something for everyone! Students have freedom to choose what they'd like to write. They are given LOTS of choice. There's something for everyone, from reluctant writers to those who love to write. Students can use a variety of fun tools. They are also a wonderful tool to help with expanding thematic vocabulary, since students can "read" what it says because of the picture cues. Students take a paper and write down words, phrases, sentences, numbers, or other print they see around the classroom. So it would be foolish to infer anything from this to that. Things are very slow here. We're doing what we're supposed to do at this time of year. We're enjoying the sunshine in the backyard, watching cricket and relaxing. I hope you're able to do something similar. If you're north of the equator, I hope you're enjoying warm fires and brisk walks. I'll be back writing regularly soon but I thought you'd enjoy seeing what our backyard is like this morning. The smallest of the chooks outside for the second time - Annie, Lillian, Flora and Nora. Above and below - the lavender and white Aracaunas - Fiona and Margaret. Flora and Nora. Martha and Kylie free ranging in the backyard. Break crops are secondary crops grown to interrupt the repeated sowing of cereals as part of crop rotation. Regular readers may not be surprised to hear that Sue and I have escaped the wet and wind of Lancashire to take the winter sunshine of Lanzarote, the northernmost of the Canary Islands, Spain. A few hours sat in one of the cafes or restaurants makes for a great place to relax away from the winter gloom of Lancashire. The Marina, Puerto Calero, Lanzarote There aren’t too many birds in the immediate area but by including a walk over the headland to Playa Quemada and a slightly different route on the return journey the first couple of days produce a useful number of species. It’s a sunshine list not to be sniffed at. Desert Grey Shrike Spanish Sparrow Berthelot's Pipit Playa Quemada Turnstone We're usually back from our walks for the afternoon when we grab some well earned sunshine. Hotel Costa Calero, Lanzarote Although we have a hire car the general idea is to gently relax and explore slowly rather than spend two weeks dashing about the island.

There are several spots in the south and west of the island just a short drive away from base camp.

Another day a route takes us through the tranquil town of Yaiza and then towards the salt lagoons, Salinas de Janubio. The folks at tor. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Here's the blurb:As the sizzlingly fast-paced and action-packed story that follows demonstrates, sometimes chasing a fugitive can be as dangerous for the pursuers as for the pursued—particularly when the quarry has no place left to run. Hello, My Friends! I have some exciting news! But.


"Protesters were physically attacked and it was felt that the police failed to protect the parents’ basic right of assembly," said a statement from the Observatory describing incidents at recent rallies in Baden-Württemberg and Cologne. According to eyewitnesses, says the Observatory, "Christian parents were shouted at with obscenities.

” "They were spit at, eggs were thrown, and little bags with feces or color.

“Pages were ripped out of the bible and used to wipe backsides, then formed into a ball and thrown at the parents. ” read the rest. Not everyone is getting a winter wonderland today and while it's a bit premature- if you wanted a little dose of Christmas watch this little something sweet. Its got me excited to pull out my decorations and deck the halls. It's still a little too soon for fa la la la la- la la la. To prepare sauce: Heat Vegetable oil in a frying pan over medium heat, add Flour and allow to fry until color is slightly golden. Taking care not to burn the flour. Add Tomato Pure and finish the sauce. If sauce is too think, add some water. Consistency should be that of heavy cream. Gail Congratulations on your win Gail! Please select an image from my store and email me with your choice. For further information on these Scams, please Read . .