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It is wonderful to live in a nation that is increasingly tolerant of differences. We are saying there is no difference, they are all in agreement. We can no longer express differences of opinion. I will quote from the Mikado. “I am right and you are right and all is right as right can be and I am right and you are right and everything is quite correct. ”That which is satire in the song is now a major creed in this country. In the major public relations effort to keep Islamic people, Arab or other Middle Eastern peoples, American citizens or not, from being mistreated we have implemented the above creed. All Christian denominations, Eastern Roman, Conservative, Liberal, and Fundamentalist have in their creeds or doctrinal statements the deity of Jesus, his death on the cross for the sins of the world, his burial and bodily resurrection from the dead and that repentance and belief in this truth is the means of salvation and the assurance of that salvation. pics elvs Finished my christmas stuff check this week by taking some snapshots love the beauty of my hidden concrete wall, this raw atmosphere and the simplicity! wish you all a fabulous weekend. ps. i am so excited! it will be such fun and so inspiring. Here, as promised, is the pattern for my split chain doily. I have not checked it. so if someone would like to test-tat it for me, I would be delighted. Here is the link to the PDF, but you can also find it in my Free Pattern section. , that the dread book of account which the Scriptures speak of is in fact the mind itself of each individual. When Jennifer Spiegel was brainstorming fundraiser ideas this fall, she diverged from the norm and developed an idea that would make a meaningful and lasting impact on her students as well as those from a nearby campus in need. Spiegel, the P. E.

coach at Roberta Tipps Elementary, teaches her students the importance of developing active and healthy habits to practice in gym class and during their free time.

As she searched for a fundraising opportunity that matched her healthy mission, she came across the Ultimate Fitness Challenge, a timed obstacle course resembling a wonderland of bounce-houses and inflatable activities. In addition to being a fun and healthy activity, this was also a way for students to collect funds via pledges from family, friends and neighbors. “Our students here at Tipps have so much and I wanted them to give to others here in Mansfield who don’t,” said Spiegel. “I’m trying to teach empathy for others and I wanted them to see it in action for themselves. This is a notification that will Holomua will be having an evacuation practice this morning. Thank you. There's no two ways about that. But the one good thing I can say is that's great to see your family again, especially since some of us are pretty far-flung. The Rowes are an affectionate, funny, loving bunch and we stick together at these times. My cousin Graham flew in from Winnipeg for his Dad's funeral, and my Uncle Kevin was here visiting from England when my Uncle Gerry passed. Get the look.

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On Wednesday market days, I always meet up with a couple of my special veggie pals and we do our shopping together. The ritual begins with some last minute text-messaging to make sure we are all good-to-go with our usual plan! I feel like I am always late! We all meet on the corner, and usually chat for a little while, before we start poking our way from stall to stall. We each have our own favorite vendors for most items, but for some items we're more fickle - depending on which farmer has the best nectarines or who has the best price on carrots that day. And of course, we make sure to try as many free samples as possible. Today we sampled lots of stone fruits from a few different vendors, apples, pears, tomatoes, avocados, and grapes. Even after all that, there were plenty of samples we passed up today. Yum! corn, spinach, white nectarines, emerald beaut pluots, stripey eggplant, romano beans, assorted onions, dry-farmed early girl tomatoes, fuji apples for Mr. Many centuries ago I had a favorite cousin. Her name was Eileen. We hit it off and always looked forward to hanging out together. After I went to college we drifted apart. Mostly because I was mental. A few months ago I got an e-mail out of the blue. It was her. She found me because of my google power. She thought about me, typed in my name and bingo. I was thrilled to get the e-mail.

We saw each other for the first time in thirty years.

it's been brutally hot in Portland the past few days. with most homes lacking air conditioning, the best thing to do to beat the heat is to head out to the river. here's what I'd wear and pack along on my next trip to the river. crewsunglasses: la garconnefly rod & reel: gander mountainflies: orvismy canon ft: my flickr photostreambeer: olympia beerstraw hat: gaptopsiders: sperry top-siderduluth pack: deluthcut off shorts: anthropologie-alysonblog: unruly thingsshop: postal press. The quilt is finished. The label is sewn on the back, the binding is stitched and the hanging strip at the top of the back edge is in place. I have nothing more to say about it, except it was fun. End of the Hockey Season by Ann Fahl You may read my final statement about this quilt on my website. Enjoy. Ann Fahl. Happy Monday, Mojo friends! Since it's the last week of the month, we like to mix things up and focus on non-traditional sized cards, so we've given you a Round or Square option.

This week's sketch is designed by Carole Burrage.

As always, feel free to substitute if you don't have a specific shape - just make the sketch work for you! To play along, make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. This was the scene in Prospect Park very early the morning after our last big snowstorm. I've never been here—this photo was taken by my daughter Lila, who drove from Vegas with her sister Kate to be here at dawn and capture the indescribable beauty of this place. All together now—ooooh!. One of my favorite meals in Mexico is pollo asado – grilled chicken. At least once a week, I stop at pollo Kamilan to buy one of their char-grilled chickens and two bags of prepared rice. The full meal usually includes tortillas, cole slaw, and salsa. But I simply do not need them to meet my chicken need. My usual preparation is to tear the chicken off of the carcass and mix it with the rice and some cooked onion. It is a fast and tasty noon meal. And lasts for at least three servings – or more. Stephen Sondheim is having his way with my blog today. I barely got that sentence on paper when I heard Sondheim's refrain from "Moments in the Woods. " While searching in the woods, the baker's wife has an affair with Prince Charming. When he leaves, she sings longingly, but wisely, about life's moments. Oh. From the creators of 'Ice Age' this is another light-hearten movie manned for all ages that filled with humor and catchy songs. The movie's leading character is 'Blu', an endangered bird that had been domesticated over a decade, takes on an adventure finding himself returning to nature and regaining his natural instinct. To thrilled my kiddos even more, I had bought a Happy Meal toy of 'Blu' for them. The toy has a cool feature that by pressing a button on its wing and there will be melody been play. If you are wondering why a skateboard? That's because 'Blu' can't fly so this is one of his means of transport. Lots more lamb photos today. It has been bright and sunny and this whole week it is going to be nice and warm. The little lambs love to sun themselves. This set of twins is just a day old. They are still following their mama closely. I love to watch them run on their spindly little legs. The earlier efforts in this field are by American Cyanamid Corporation which developed the first synthetic absorbable suture material. The product, Dexon was a polyglycolic acid homopolymer. PLA and PGA are thermoplastics and are biodegradable polyesters. Low Mr polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid are made by direct polymerization of respective acids.

The high Mr, PLA and PGA are made by ring opening polymerization of lactide and glycolide which are cyclic diesters of respective acids.

Polyglycolic acid and polylactic aid have degradation time in few days and few weeks respectively while polylactides and polyglycolides have degradation time in few months to years. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin, USA, have produced biodegradable and photodegradable polymers from l-lactic acid. The researchers are working on a project to produce l-lactic acid from whey permeate. The technology to fer ment whey to lactic acid is in fact quite old but the end product is mixture of l-lactic acid and d-lactic acid. Stare at it long enough and you begin to feel, rather than merely see, the very essence of the bloom as the luscious purple and fathomless black violet petals encircle your imagination, blotting out peripheral vision and ambient sound. Stare at it long enough, and you begin to see the world from a flower’s point of view. Such was the talent of Miss O’Keeffe. She reduced her subjects to their essential forms in order to allow us to see them anew, or perhaps really see them for the very first time. The charcoal drawing above is hers.

An early work, and one I think I could have recognized without ever reading her explanation of the piece.

As a sufferer of migraine headaches for most of my adult life, I knew, almost instinctively, that this was a painting of a headache. Which indeed it is. Shinzi Katoh - Canvas Tote Bags. I love baskets and they live in every room of my house in some fashion or another. My French Market basket is one of my very favorites and I have really been enjoying it filled with vintage wood cutting boards. I stuffed some fall greenery in and love the way it looks. Silly girl! I love the rustic texture of a vintage willow basket. It's a nice contrast with the smooth apples. The Philofaxy meet up in New York and the Gillio Think Tank in London. We can not guarantee people will read your posts, but we know there is a higher chance of people reading your posts and returning to read other posts if you make them interesting with pictures and good hints and tips. The dust has yet to settle but I wonder what will be the aftermath?Update:Here's a useful link which explains exactly how France has reacted thus far. Two possibilities, I think. Just too much of a risk to let it go ahead. When the authorities discover which mosques harboured the killers and their enablers I expect those establishments will be entered and searched from stem to stern. Both Moon and Prisme have special pearlescent effects, and the Vitrail is transparent color, wonderful on glass for a stained glass effect.

The resin will create a relief surface that encases giving a cabochon effect.

Dance, heroes, dance! Behold, a Tip Jar!. It is a sale of antique and vintage textiles, buttons and various haberdashery, bags, various decorative objects and so much more. You can pick up some lovely fabrics here, but of course, like anywhere else, you could spend a lot of money on very little, say the least.

My favourite venue is the American Museum in Bath, where the fair will be held in September.

It turned out to be a chilly day and the wind was blowing through the barn. Clear conditions with residual swell in the water. Sunny skies, the wind is light, and the waves are still breaking everywhere.

Has cleaned up a bit but still sectiony and scattered.

Surfable but right place right time is the motto of the day. Channel: Waist to Chest to Head. I love BlissfulBlog created by Traci French. I get excited to see the beautiful houses she posts, the great finds she pulls from all over the web, and now her guest food posts by Tina Jeffers. This one in particular has my interest- in fact we might just call it lunch. Er, um, Dig it, baby!. "Laundry detergent packaging concept, designed for a class assignment under the "One of many" idea, so you can take home not just a box, but a part of an experience. This great laundry detergent is to be sold on those every-day laundromats, designed for young, fun-loving, mess-making kind of people, living on their own. The concept is "Clean Clothes For Dirty People" - inspired by the washing machine drum structure, soap bubbles, new found sexy chic of laundromat and urban living. " Designer: Lee Coren Country: Israel. This Bizarro cartoon is brought to you by a swarthy guy with poor hygiene and a penchant for argyle. Rorschach tests have been a favorite topic of cartoonists for a long time – few subjects are more fertile than the idea of "free association. This is one of those ideas that floated around my sketchbook for ages before I came upon a way to make it work. But this is one I'm really happy with. If I can make myself smile, it's usually a good sign. Scott Fitzgerald, Salvador Dali, and Luis Buñuel is the tremendous performance of the heretofore unknown to me Corey Stoll. His take on Ernest Hemingway is rendered with affection and humor, and it's clear that writer-director Woody Allen admires the More-Macho-Than-Anyone-Else-in-Human-History author a great deal. In doing some quick research on Corey Stoll, I was surprised to learn that he wore a wig for Midnight In Paris and even more impressive, how his demeanor is totally unlike the legend he plays in the movie. I guess that's why they call it acting. .