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And now I have been once again shoved into the dock by the enemy mentality of the regime.

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Hello my lovelies It's Mandi here with a wee reminder for this week's stamp of the week.

Every single week you get a different stamp delivered to your door. Go here for all of the details if you are interested in signing up. Thanks so much for stopping by today!! . That's right Y'all! Art Impressions has done it again with these heartwarming little TOTS! Check out ALL of the Easter Tots here. and By The Way??? Are you following us? I mean our blog? We would really love that and I feel certain that when we reach a magical number. there will be a prize. What is that magical number you ask? I am not tellin'! but when we get there. Recently zooming around the various websites and blogs has been a new idea, or new to me I should say of 'Bullet Journalling', this was devised by Ryder Carroll. I'm not going to attempt to explain the principles behind this idea or method, he does it so much better than I could anyway!. Take a look at his website or watch the video. After seeing the video I thought about trying this idea out myself and I was tempted to go out and buy a notebook to give it a try. But I know what I'm like with bound notebooks, I hate to make a mistake in them! So I thought why not try and take this idea and use it in a Filofax. Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Crown Publishing, our winners will get their hands on a copy of Chris Beckett's Dark Eden! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe.

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Sweater season is almost upon us. It has my silk bag embroidery in it. Actually, most of the embroidery is done, there was only one motif still to be stitched and that's what I was working on last night.

Thank you, Cheryll , for hosting last night.

I'll see you next month! This has been a very good exercise in bullion stitches.

Now I need to find something nice to line the bag with, preferably another piece of silk.

This kind of embroidery makes a nice change from quilts and I do enjoy bullion stitches. Some of you might remember my silk cushion, also a project from one of the old issues of Classic Inspirations. These two and one other bear will be in the shop on Sunday am. I've been working a whole lot this week, but after finishing these up this afternoon, I'm taking a little time in the garden now.

It will be my first time digging in the dirt this spring and I can't wait to get into my new front yard.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! and Happy Mother's Day Mamas!. I'm so glad I got lots of cleaning and quilting done last weekend, so I could spend time with Ed and Marilyn this week. They've been visiting from Boulder, Colorado and I'm just amazed at how many good friends they still have here in Lafayette. I even got Marilyn to run Mabel this morning, but Dan has the pics on his camera and he's dozing right now. We have enjoyed their visit so much and it's going to be hard to say goodbye tomorrow morning. Congratulations Fit Kitty! Please visit my online store and select an image you would like. I love die cuts - this Tim Holtz one is going on my wish list. Thank you for the inspiration!. The mighty legs of Eric Fankhouser photographed by Per Bernal. Evan Centopani from the rear. You have been an invaluable source of behind the scenes information that without it, we would have been kept in the dark. Whether or not Trump resigns or is impeached in the near future or that it was supposed to occur in the past is irrelevant to us as the overall plan is obvious and the management of the plan adjusts according to the evolving situation. But what I do know is that it is quite obvious to us that Trump is a burner President and will be leaving sooner or later. .