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I have had this on my public list for a few days now but have not shown it yet on the blog site. Basically the Administration orders the pumping of the markets at all costs figuring that will make people feel good and help the Democrats win the election. If there is one factor that differentiates residential landlord and tenant law from other types of civil legal disputes in Ontario, it's that the damages are rarely if ever fixed at the time the landlord's rental claim is made. This has the effect of resulting in terrible prejudice to landlords if matters are delayed or protracted. When rents are owing, particularly if the person has no money, or is impecunious as some refer to that sad state, then a delay for the tenant is almost as good as a win. Which is why time is of the essence, and why s. Karen joins the challenge and she worked with seed beads and gray upholstery thread to tat up Lyn Morton's necklace pattern. She wanted a different look and made some roses to go along with it. Ingrid tatted a collar but she thinks it needs a little something to give it some character, but she's not sure where to go from here and she's looking for ideas and suggestions. The wire has been added to the petals and it's all ready to assemble. Corina has a tatted bookmark intended for the shop.

Ann tatted a bit of fall inspiration, Simple Leaf by Karey Solomon from Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf.

No, not toots. tutes. Then there is this Adore You handcrafted Valentine card made by me over at Crate Paper, featuring their new Portrait line! Hope you enjoy the peek into my card making process. And speaking of Crate Paper, I have a couple more. These were both made with the Portrait line by Crate as well.

Over the weekend I taught this class using the Stardust paper pack and Reach for the stars stamp set.

We had so much fun! All card patterns are from the CTMH Originals bookSupplies from CTMH-Stardust Paper packet, White daisy mini medley accents, white daisy ribbon, foam squares, prisma glitter, colonial white hemp, Staz on black ink, moonstruck ink, topiary ink, colored pencils, liquid glass, Reach for the stars stamp set. One of the best parts of having an Etsy store is when my customers send me photos of my pillows in their homes. This just started happening about a week ago. to name only a few. Visit our website to view these great savings and place your order while supplies last. Dearne near the bridge. Rose, Birthe Piontek, Marie Hochhaus, MS Logan, Stefano Azario, Anna Kern, Kate Powers, and Sarah Kehoe. India TV News A few metres away from Tahrir Square, where protesters are gathering for the eighth day, calling for Egypt's military rulers to hand over power to civilian leaders, tourists are still flocking to Cairo Museum despite the recent unrest. The museum remains open and tourists from around the world are continuing to visit. Maryoun Etche, a tourist from Germany said she was not afraid of being in Cairo. Red Crochet Detailed Sweater: Moda Int’l. Pants: NY & Co. Boots: Also. Handbag: Nine West. Yes – I state once again that it is FREEZING here! …And, when it it freezing, my fashion sense gives way to my necessity of warmth. Yep, that’s it. I almost feel Christmas-y… View Full Album. CreativeScrappers. blogspot. -In Happy moments, praise God. -In Difficult moments, seek God. -In Quiet moments, worship God. -In Painful moments, trust God. -In Every moment, thank God. Unknown Deliver my life from the sword, …. The evening was damp and cool. Even for late November in Dublin. I cannot quite remember how it happened, but I ended up sitting in the corner next to another table where an older fellow was holding court with some other drinkers. He looked as if he had spent quite a few years tippling the local whiskey. Real photos from the past that'll keep you up at night. Viewer Discretion is Advised. Shell shocked soldier from WWI. Frequently, I have the need to change the content of the PowerShell profile file Microsoft. PowerShell_profile. Any change to the profile requires me to exit PowerShell and re-launch it for changes to take place. After making a lot of changes this can be very annoying. But how? Can you restart any application from within itself ? After some experiments I came up with a solution that uses WScript. Before delving into the solution, you must ensure the existence of a PowerShell profile file. That, sadly, is the most excitement I've had in the past few days. A few months ago at the zoo, in fact, I took my first digital photograph ever. of, you guessed it, a peacock, a particularly nasty one too. Immediately after I snapped his picture, he rushed forward and tried to peck my leg. That's what they do, it seems. There's a metaphor there, I'm sure. Anyway, too bad it was the zoo, or he'd be decorating my couch right now. Guys, I added three new pics of Kolya Davydenko to his page on the brieflines site. Hope you like and see you here tomorrow. ok. just had to do it. visited one of my favourite stores the other day. I packaged up someSweet Treatsfor you all. As you alternate between watching TV and answering the door to cute fancy-dressed, gruesomely made-up little 'uns bearing sweet-collecting receptacles, how about I recount a proper scary tale for you on this Halloween, eh? A station manager told valleynewslive. Her idea? Give children who had extra pounds on them a letter instead of a sweet treat.

"My hope is that you will step up as an adult and ration candy this Halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits.

" No, she really did. I found this lightly used endurance saddle on eBay, darn cheap too. It is loaded with rings and straps to use for the trail, for attaching saddle bags and strapping down blankets or jackets. The kind of saddle for me: English, but with a little less class and a little more excited about the trail. I already gave it a name too: Firefly. The black synthetic cover and the yellow stitching reminded me of my glowing friends. most Sofas- don't move me. his do.

most of Sofas seem to be "on the couch"- suffering from all the disorders one is treated for there.

His have all the qualities I want-in a Sofa.

In starting to write this blog- I had many things on my mind. Well- I started thinking about writing it in the summer- so I had other things on my mind- BUT now as that a new year has begun- I have more prescient things on my mind. As mentioned in other posts- the loss of my friend and my dog- both and all of us three interconnected by a house and love. Love presents itself in many forms and from there-takes many roads. I hope Moses and Peele are loafing in green pastures together- and raising a little hell too! For me, I have another chapter to write and a new dog -Zetta-to help me find it. I received the most wonderful gift from a fellow blogger Patricia-go there now and see it for yourselves. M. As if to illustrate the point I made yesterday about life not always being easy, just after I finished my post I heard a ruckus in the hen house. The dogs and I ran out there but a stray dog had somehow got into the backyard and already killed one chook and injured another, one was missing. Hanno came out soon after, caught the dog and locked it in our shed. I picked up big Martha, one of the Rhode Island red girls, and put her on a soft nest to recover. All the other chooks where terrified and up on the roost and nests. We found the other chook later, hiding in the vegetable garden. The dog handler from the council came yesterday afternoon to collect the stray. I've just been outside to check on the Martha and take these photos and things don't look good for her. I wouldn't be surprised if she dies of delayed shock or an infection from the wounds. We've cleaned her up but dog bites are notorious for causing bad infections. I'm going to cover her with a clean cloth soon so the flies don't cause more problems for her today. This is Martha on the right, you can see the missing feathers on her back, Cocobelle is the black girl standing guard and Mary is sitting on her eggs on the left. No relation to Sir Frank. Hot on the heels of a promise to increase participation of the idle in forestry notwithstanding the current widespread problems of a high accident rates, too often fatal, Mr Cunliffe is proposing a drive to turn that around and is again proposing a many times rejected notion, NZ Inc can further process our trees. A couple of little problems identified over and over again. Buyers of our logs want to process them in their plants, with their lower labour costs and use every last bit of sawdust in the process.

Has the dopey bastard never noticed the enormous piles of bark, wood chips and sawdust rotting adjacent to the few mills still cutting up logs here or smoking kilns generating energy from that waste Has he never driven past a subdivision where tilt slab, concrete block and steel framing are increasingly the preferred materials.

Cladding is manufactured from cement or resin based product.

" Today that notion of the essential goodness of America is under attack, replaced by another story in which theft and plunder are seen as the defining features of American history—from the theft of Native American and Mexican lands and the exploitation of African labor to a contemporary foreign policy said to be based on stealing oil and a capitalist system that robs people of their "fair share". Our founding fathers warned us that, although the freedoms they gave us were hard fought, they could very easily be lost. America stands at a crossroads, and the way we understand our past will determine our future.

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The tissue is then transplanted to the patient's chest and reconnected using microsurgery. This is particularly important for active women. Our surgeons perform of hundreds of microsurgical breast procedures per year making PRMA Plastic Surgery one of the busiest breast reconstruction centers in and beyond the USA. Side shore breeze. Cloudy/partly sunny. Razor and I sat around the bonfire with a handful of adults as dozens of teenagers ran far and wide in the darkness of Halloween night playing Capture the Flag. I had hot chocolate in my mug and a smile on my face all night. I've been finding time to sew each afternoon. The fruit of the season. It means we've been eating lots of fajitas and apple pie. Always pie. #weeatalotofpie Fall is good for all sorts of seasonal play.


We sent two beautiful girls off to their first dance. Miss M decided that she wanted to try the dance at her new high school. She didn't want to take the trouble of taking a date. She and Princess decided they would see what high school dances were all about. Princess looked fantastic and so did Miss M. They enjoyed a fun dinner at Cheesecake factory and then we took some more pictures before dropping them off. She makes her goof ball parents look good. These two are just looking FANTASTIC!. Crocs are back from the brink of business oblivion. Fortunes did dwindle assisted ably by the downturn of the global economy and poor management control. The firm changed its management, slashed its workforce, shut down factories in Canada and Brazil, and eliminated acres of warehousing space. Crocs became more discerning about distributors and created different product ranges for varying retailers. .