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The bad news is that it looks as though Obama is going to win. The good news is that it looks as though Romney is going to lose. Labels: Bush, election, Obama, Romney. Yet while many have written about the “heroine’s journey,” most of those authors base their models of this journey on Joseph Campbell’s model of the Heroic Quest story or on old myths and tales written down by men, not on the stories that women tell. In Jane Eyre’s Sisters: How Women Live and Write the Heroine’s Story, cultural mythologist Jody Gentian Bower looks at novels by women—and some men—as well as biographies of women that tell the story of the aletis, the wandering heroine. R. R. Tolkien, and Alice Walker, to name just a few. She also discusses myths and folk tales that follow the same pattern. Last week, multiple news stories described convictions in the case of a remarkable health care fraud, affecting the now bankrupt National Century Financial Enterprises. It kept a fee or percentage of what was collected.

He wore all black clothing and a red, black and white backpack at the time of the robbery.

". I love this background in the Knit Bits set and stamped it repeatedly in Fine Linen ink on white cardstock. The stamping ink colors I used here are Raspberry Fizz, Lavender Moon and Sweet Blush, along with several shades of brown - Fine Linen, Classic Kraft and Dark Chocolate. I cut a white card base, then cut a white Cover Plate: Circles die and layered it over the top. Are these buttons not adorable? Oh my heck. I just can't get over how cute they are!! For ink colors here, I used Pure Poppy, Summer Sunrise, Aqua Mist, Harvest Gold, Raspberry Fizz and Hawaiian Shores inks by Papertrey Ink. Here is my beautiful Daphne last fall, in a picture taken by my friend Christina. She seemed to be healing up reasonably well from that, but on Tuesday evening, I called in the emergency vet. She wasn't eating and didn't want to get up, and was clearly in pain. Turns out she was bleeding internally! The vet now thinks it was some kind of burst/broken blood vessel, a post-surgical issue. Her gums and inner eyelids were white. One hundred years ago today my Grandmother Hilda gave birth to her first son. She and Grandpa named him Wilbert Samuel. The oldest son, the first of fourteen children. My Grandparents had been married fourteen months before Wilbert was born.

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yahoomail. SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD-ON: Wow, I missed this one first time around as I had the yellow LP they put out with the singles. However, this is mostly live I believe but has THE BEST version IMO of "Shot From Both Sides". Today, I had an opportunity to voice my opinion on a subject that I had virtually no experience in, SAN setup in regards to SQL Server. This has always been something that has been abstracted from me by the SAN admin.

We have had some very clear, sunny days with no wind recently.

However, today was foggy and very cold. I took these photos a couple of days ago from our terrace. The village in the distance is La Fresneda with the ermita to the left and the "castle" ruins on the right. And here is the same village with the sun setting to the left. We were also treated to a beautiful moonset. Unfortunately the floodlights for the ermita had been put out but the "castle" and the church floodlights were still on. I took this photo just as the moon touched the top of the hill, you can see the silhouette with the trees, and then very quickly disappeared. Be ashamed to find yourself idle. Benjamin Franklin Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger. In the Gospel we just heard, Jesus says, in effect,‘It’s better to be a hearer of God’s Word, and to do it, than merely to be the physical mother of the Word of God. ’That’s true, of course—but to some,it sounds like Jesus is putting Mary down—some of our fellow Christians cite this passageas “proof” that we Catholics are wrongto give Mary all the honor we give her. But I don’t believe for a momentthat the Lord would everput his mother in a negative light.

Any of us would be embarrassedto do that, wouldn’t we?Let me suggest a better answer.

Jesus said what he said because he knew—and he knew everyone listening, knew—that both statements were true of Mary!It is not that Mary receives no blessingfor being his mother—rather, even greateris her blessing for being his devoted follower. St. Augustine said that Mary first conceived Jesus in her heart—by the obedience of faith—and then conceived him in her womb. This is why we give Mary so much honor—because she was her Son’s first and best disciple. She was first to hear and respond to the Gospel. She was the first to go and bring the Good News to someone else—she went to Elizabeth and her household.


soberinanightclub. Sunday is my catch up day of the week. I love Sunday! I can take a break from the phone you see peeking out by my desk, and I feel like the day is all mine!Last week in my studio, I put a table up against a wall, added a few of my favorite things, and now I have a place to spread out, with papers, pens and even vintage books nearby. Today I've spent the whole day at this desk, working on all those little projects calling my name. No matter how messy the desk top gets, all those things on the shelf are always ready to inspire me! A few of my treasures. notice the bunny egg cups from Sur la Table?I collect vintage glass salt & pepper shakers and fill them with Crystal beads.

That is one smart cat! I love Sunday don't you?.

I love the month of October – the weather, the changing colors of the falling leaves, the anticipation of a fire in the fireplace and knitting on the needles. In New England, fall is a great time to be outside enjoying our landscape and celebrating at harvest festivals before the real weather sets in. This year, I’ll be doing a bit of traveling to promote my book - including Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Fair. I’m setting up a small booth at the Marketplace and I’ll be signing books and selling kits. The marketplace is full of friendly vendors and exotic fibers. You can visit llamas, yaks, alpacas, sheep, angora goats and more. That's me this week - free as a bird! All I have to show for my SU Regional meeting is this never been used name tag. Our NY regional was cancelled because of snow! I have consoled myself by browsing through the entries at Pals Paper Arts this week. It is an inspiration challenge based on the photo below and I have seen some wonderful work so far. Kim and Ann Beale's birdhouses are adorable. Mary and Ann's birds are elegant. And Gina's unexpected text from her children's book is delightful! It was time to stop pouting about my non-event and get busy with the challenge. I noticed the caged bird was perched on a key so I embossed bits and pieces from Vintage Labels and Eggcoutrements and made my own key. There are no birds on my card - I used my key and set them all free! Actually my card will be sent to friends who have just bought a new house. Wind AdvisoryThere was a wind advisory for today. Meant as a warning, but taken as glad tidings, for I dearly love the wind. The day ahead was easy to predict when I spied the tops of the tall trees dancing together at dawn. Roundelays and reels, jigs and tarantellas, they wheeled and whirled with abandon while the wind chimes that encircle the house kept a delicate rhythm with the orchestra that played through the branches. It made the old magnolia tree jolly, its stout and leafy limbs bouncing up and down, up and down, in fat green chuckles. It played chase with the birds and loosened the maple leaves who were busy preparing for their colourful November tumble to the garden below. Edward responded by running full tilt throughout the sunny garden, leaping and rolling with the wind like a friend. Coats, newly unearthed from hall closets, whipped around the knees of dog walkers who were yanked up the street at at faster than desired pace by dogs who couldn’t believe their good fortune in waking to such a gloriously windy day. There will be some readers who'll prefer not to read today's post. You can see by the title what it's about. But I am writing for a reader who needs our help at this time.

The fact that it's Christmas and everyone is full of joy is irrelevant.

We are real people living real lives and when a world collapses, it is healthy to reach out and connect. This is part of an email I received a few days ago from "Amy", a regular reader: ". I went ahead and finished the job Topps started by making the cards from all the other sets that Mantle also didn't appear in. Link. "Just when I thought I was out. Fairly simple, team colors, horizontal variations.

Still there is no official team logo or player position.

I think the addition of either of these would make the design too busy. Everything looks oversaturated for the practice facility players, especially those passes. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina State plays third fiddle in the Triangle pulling Herb Sendek away from an advisory board that had an illusion of much more. The big-money donors believe he already groped five-star big man JJ Reddick from the end of the bench.

Las Cruces, NM: New Mexico State forward Tyrone Nelson has been related to allegations that Nelson is actually going backward.

"Indianapolis, IN: The University of Kansas' self-imposed probation had imposed its own two-year probation period from a lack of institutional control.

First, my thanks to the three Jellies who penned the guest posts that you've seen here in recent weeks, including yesterday's. Each of them pursued them on their own, and it was a win-win in terms of their being able to share some thoughts while giving me a few nights off from blogging. Like many things in my life over the last few years, I didn't expect it, but appreciate it. Second, I had a wonderful conversation with the Boston office of the American Diabetes Association yesterday, as I explained the Jellie effort to them and informed them that they could expect to receive a fairly significant check in a few weeks.

- VEGAS Flamingo headliner Olivia Newton-John has teamed up with her nephew, professional race car driver Emerson Newton-John, to launch a wine brand to support cancer awareness and treatment.

She's a merlot fan, she said. After just one use, the cleanser delivers an all-over clean, lifting oil from the T-Zone while thoroughly cleansing dry areas. CC has been using this Biore cleanser for about a week and is so pleased with the results. Add the rice stirring the mix continuously. Add the sugar. Enjoy tasty food and learn how to make lamb and apricots. This fragrant, sweet-and-sour casserole is inspired by the tagines of north Africa. Season the lamb well. Heat the oil in a large, heavy-based pan or casserole over a high heat. Add half the lamb and brown on all sides. Liz and I had another wonderful day. I am exhausted once again, but I'm a happy, exhausted girl! We found out yesterday that our flight home has been canceled due to the British Airways strike. So, we're thinking of taking the chunnel from Paris to London and trying to get home that way, but that doesn't seem to be helping. We're hoping Expedia can work something out for us. We'll get home eventually, I'm sure. And if you want to get stuck in a city far from home, Paris is a great place to choose! I'll keep you posted. Fifty two seats so far, the republicans now own the senate, and retain the house with a little additional padding. Life is almost tolerable. Can't wait to see Obama's spin on the Republican win. No surprise with Illinois staying blue. Funny how none of the machines accidentally changed votes from democrat to republican, isn't it? Maybe it's just my cynical imagination. Hopefully the number goes up a bit over night. .