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bakerdrivetrain. So, anyway, here is the bike all dressed up in bags, minus a possible seat bag. This is getting real close to how I will leave the bike for the Dirty Kanza. Maybe even single speed! The changes made include a new stem, seat post, and a "Joe Mesier Set Up" for the water bladder. Joe may not have invented this way of doing your hydration, but he was the first guy I heard about it from, and he's all about bags anyway! I topped off the deal with one of my ever-present Banjo Brothers Top Tube bags, which is a great way to carry gels and a camera. I laid it in there sideways, so to speak, to keep the width down to a minimum. pics elvs love her style and her creativity laterns, prints,cards and star garlands in beautiful graphic design the projects of lisanne van de klift really make me smile beautiful simplicity that inspired me to make my own framed graphic diy project see more in her shop here. Two stories in the news this week reflect increased scrutiny of Big Pharma malfeasance coupled with evidence that this scrutiny isn't going to change anything soon. After many months of running the ad campaign where Robert "I am not a licensed doctor, but I play one on Television" Jarvik promoted Lipitor, Pfizer announced it was ending the campaign.

" Jarvik was never licensed to practice medicine, that he didn't actually invent the artificial heart, and that the footage of a man looking exactly like him indulging in energetic rowing was actually shot using a body double, since Jarvik doesn't row.

But it isn't that significant because this ad campaign has been running for so many months already that it was due to be replaced.

Pfizer is hard at work on yet another campaign whose message is that the you shouldn't use a cheap generic statin.

If you do, Pfizer's profits will tumble. This deceptive ad campaign was very suited for Lipitor. The heart is a pattern from Cathy Bryant's book "Tatting" with an added the little ring at the bottom to give it more of a heart shape. Linda finished her block for the Palmetto Fund Raising Quilt. The tatted sections include Jon's beaded dragonfly and her heart, the basket from a Dover Tatting Book and the humming bird by Karey Solomon from her Tatting Times. Mr. Hedgehog is a pattern from Nancy Tracy and the butterfly from Sherry Pence, while the center medallion is from Patti Duff's Tatting Motifs. The spider is made with beads and chains for the legs. The purple edging is Linda's own design with split rings and chains and the edging below is from the book, Traditional Tatting Patterns edited by Rita Weiss, tatted with Star No. Fox has finally put her TAT package in the mail and as a treat she started working with some delicate pink Star cotton, tatting Mary Konior's pattern, called "Beaded Braid". By now, I'm sure you have heard all the press and talk surrounding Quentin Tarantino's latest film Django Unchained. The film, in typical Tarantino fashion is quite unconventional in that it tells the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. There have been plenty of rave reviews so far including one from Oprah who called the film, “laugh out loud funny” and “cathartic”.

Are we talking about the same movie? Folks, clearly this is not your typical Roots or Alex Haley's Queen film that shows the same image of slaves that we've seen for many years.

The reviews pouring in so far and pre-screenings have had quite a few people up in arms about the lightness in which the film is portrayed. Spike Lee spoke out this past weekend, stating that he refuses to see it. It Was A Holocaust. Elrosa hosts Lake Henry tonight and New Munich on Thursday night in Stearns County League amateur baseball action. See you there!!!Labels: Elrosa Saints baseball, Stearns County League amateur baseball. The Jaguars, just one game under. See below for playoff info.

Great job, Jaguars! Labels: bbe jaguars baseball, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars baseball, Central Minnesota Conference.

farmers' market cherry tomatoes for snacking A while back, my friend Jane and her wonderful husband and daughter came over for dinner. It was so great.

First of all, it's obviously just fun to have friends over for dinner.

But Jane is one of my favorite people and we both have full lives, and we don't get to hang out together nearly as often as we would both like to. A whole evening to eat and visit together feels like such a gift. Plus, her husband and her daughter are wonderful and interesting and kind people - bonus friends! Spending time together with them, talking, sharing stories, continuing to get to know each other. feels so good. Also, possibly on a related note, they always bring really good food. Some sort of amazing farro salad with roasted winter squash and fresh tomatoes, over lettuce. I like to keep it St. Patrick's Day fun for the kids, but EASY for me. I recognize it's not a huge holiday - but I like that it breaks up the Winter Blues with a bright splash of green and a little bit of magic! I'm not overboard about it. I do simple things like tinting our milk green, making sure I have green necklaces for the kids and usually have a little green gift or green treat for them that morning. This year, I'll do the milk and the necklaces AND have a new Seek It Game ready to play! I was excited to add this one to my collection - and if you are one of those who has been waiting for the next edition. Lisa has it ready for us! SHOP SEEK IT GAMES HERE And. Now, users can experience unlimited broadband for lowest tariff ever. Industrial trucks and loaders have left trails of rubble and piles of rocky sand in the protectorate as evidence of their tampering. According to Tarek al-Kanawati, the director of the protectorate, these violations have only been reported in a limited area in the northwest sector of the massive valley. The beta is negative. I just received the call from my RE. We'll be meeting with him Friday to discuss what to make of this latest failure and what our next steps should be. I said as much to the RE and he said back in this wistful voice, "Yeah. Especially because the embryos looked so beautiful. " He shared that he had feared we'd be facing selective reduction, not another negative cycle. Hey guys, I added a page on the sidelines section of the brieflines site fro Italian football player, Filippo Inzaghi. His page starts with six pics. Ciao!. In life, it's often not enough to be at the right place and at the right time. You also have to be the right person, at the right place at the right time. But seriously, if you're not the right person, you might not even buy it even though you're at the right place and at the right time.

The same goes for stocks.

You'll hear people lamenting that if I've the money, I'd buy the blue 'cheaps' at super low valuation during the bear market and get all the multi baggers that is the envy of all investors. I think even if you have all the right ingredients, if you do not have the right mentality i.


Some of the fondest memories I have from childhood are ones that involve getting dressed up and hiking into the woods to celebrate holidays and events with my family.

Our house sat on the edge of a forest that served as the backdrop for adventures, make believe, family gatherings and picnics.

There was something about those woods, something that was magical and everything we did in them, even the simplest of things, felt a little more enchanted. These days, we live in a house that sits on the edge of our own forest and we have made it a priority to create similar experiences for Lucy. We want to show her that there is beauty and possibility in the simplicity of nature. That there is something quite marvelous about getting all dressed up to dine under a canopy of green trees, listening to a symphony of birds while soaking up the magic of the forest. This post is a collaboration with the Creative Council by UGG Australia Photos by Alisa Burke and Andy Gunthardt My shoes- D'Alessio Lucy's shoes- Aubry Andy's Shoes- Chester. I had a morning meeting. I've already started painting - next up is a new light fixture and window treatments. I've pulled together a very simple design board to give you a sneak peek into my plans for the room. I haven't decided which fabric to upholster them in, so I don't want to do it until I am absolutely sure. Celebrating The IrishOh, the music in the air!An' the joy that's ivrywhere -Shure, the whole blue vault of heaven is wan grand triumphal arch,An' the earth below is gayWid its tender green th'-day,Fur the whole world is Irish on the Seventeenth o' March!Thomas Augustin DalyAs the Irish Wolfhound above indicates, we are celebrating all things Irish here at The House of Edward today. Our Mayor will soon be out performing his annual duty of dyeing all the fountains green and I am wearing my best green tartan jacket. An emerald bow is around Edward’s neck, music of The Chieftains is flowing through the house and we are drawing the name of the lucky giveaway winner at midnight tonight. I feel sorry for any woman who doesn't have sisters and aunts. A month ago Paul and I went to the BMA Ministers' Weekend in Virginia, conveniently close to my sister Rebecca's, then Rebecca and I drove to Pennsylvania for two days with our younger sister Margaret. Of course, we had our moments of collapse-at-the-knees laughter in the middle of all that. But most of it was the sort of stress that makes you shudder at the memories. Joost. Goron Elder's Son appears in Majora's Mask and is involved in Link's Snowhead Temple quest.

by Frank Turk I'm almost hesitant to blog today because the last time I blogged here I posted a link to a somewhat-helpful article about Twilight and its apparent analogical apologetic for Mormonism, and it turned into, well, something else.

I enjoy blogging, especially when I think I have something useful, helpful or otherwise edifying to share, and sometimes people just take the fun out of it. James Grant has pointed to a blog post by Father Patrick Reardon. What we should think about today is the center of Fr. We interrupt this blogging break for a special announcement: two years ago today The Altered Page was born. For me, birthdays are always cause to reminisce and my thoughts have led me back to my first post. First, to share my art and receive feedback in return. Second, to share artists, websites, stores, books, ideas, and creations that I have found. And third, to share great art finds from the museums, galleries, and streets of New York. "These goals continue to provide direction for my blog. Ignorance otoh breeds further ignorance. The heavily scrutinised, filmed and audited activity in a casino gives far far more opportunity for control, identification and treatment of problem gamblers. All the other opportunities listed above cause so much misdirected spending among those who can least afford to participate, who almost certainly never go near a casino. Make your Valentine’s cards extra special this year by hand stamping them. The class will feature products available in the Valentine’s Day bundle. Email Me for more details. " And there is a little dollar store bling on the flower. Walkabella is colored with Prismacolor pencils and orderless mineral spirits. The flowers on her dress were colored with the sakura stardust pen, another favorite accessory of mine!And the bella panel is popped up on dimensionals. Let every corporation know, whether banking or petroleum, that I shall make the chumps that elected me pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any crony, oppose any fucking do-gooder to assure maximum profits for us all.

La chanson "SUSPENDED IN TIME", extraite de la bande originale du film XANADU est surement l'une des plus belles preuve !.

Please consider a donation to Hope for Paws this Christmas season. Barzani has called for an election to determine his fate if the parties cannot agree. Veterans are now receiving letters prohibiting the purchase, possession, receipt, or transport of a firearm/ammunition. Sometimes it is good to reflect on the importance of our beloved profession. This anecdote captures the essence of what we do as teachers and the misunderstanding of how others think about our job as teachers. Nevertheless, enjoy.

Their initial icy glares had turned to restless agitation.

You could cut the hostility with a knife. RW discusses aspects of this general issue here quoting two sources with significant insight content from Kathleen Parker and Wesley Smith. When an end of life counseling provision is part of a bill with a clear agenda to control costs some degree of skepticism is appropriate. .