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Modellers have the chance to vote for their favourite models of the previous year, in a variety of categories. Bachmann has emerged as the clear winner, sweeping the board in ‘N’ and winning all but one of the ‘OO’ categories. Indeed, it was a disappointing showing for Hornby, although it did claim one award for the popular Maunsell pull-push coaches. Model Rail editor Ben Jones added: “Congratulations to all our winners. There are worthy victors in every category, but the quality of many models that didn’t win is testament to the high standards now being achieved by all our RTR manufacturers. Photo by I. Peterson. Photo. Betty Lilienthal.

At one point early in the formal study of rock art, it was assumed that much of the art addressed the question of success in the hunt and game animal fertility.

This was about the same period when any artifact that an archaeologist found but could not identify specifically was listed as “ceremonial object”. Now, as I have written elsewhere, the favorite catch-phrase for rock art imagery not specifically otherwise identified is that it is “shamanic”. I doubt that this is much truer today than it was during the preceding periods of dubious assumptions in labeling rock art. From Sasquatch Chronicles: I spoke with the witness and he was out in the forest late one night and had an encounter, Here is a small portion of the encounter: "It felt like SUCH a long time just standing there waiting for something to happen. Then I heard a car. It was somewhere behind me. I didn’t even think about it I just remember I turned started running toward the sound of the car. As soon as I turned I saw headlights driving down the canyon road. I remember running so fast I was afraid of tripping on something and I knew that if I fell that… that would be it. I remember kicking my knees up to my chest as I ran to make sure I didn’t trip. Honestly all I thought about when I was running was PLEASE GOD let this car see me. I started yelling at the top of my lungs and bolting towards the car. From the youtube channel of Crypto Reality: David Sidoti Mark Interviews fellow Bigfoot Researcher David Sidoti, founder of the I. S. R. T. Of Florida- to see what's been happening in Central Florida with his Bigfoot research and Bigfoot evidence. Publishers Weekly interviews writer James Kelman: Helen inhabits a fairly masculine environment. She wonders about the patrons frequently. Or the Brontë sisters. This CLE will focus on over-arching principles of trial advocacy, illustrated by stories from jury trials. S. and has negotiated settlements in thousands of other cases. courtesy of singtao. Its voice actors Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Kabby Hui Nga Ting, Sam Lee Chan Sam and Jim Yan yesterday attended an audience appreciation event and played games with the audience and gave away prizes.

I am sure that most kiddos would like to have candy treats, but this year they are getting pencils.

This little gift is inspired by the ones I did at Halloween. You can find all the details here. blogspot. Two years ago, I had a glut of tomatoes and my friend Kittee suggested a great recipe that used up many pounds of tomatoes, and made a super rich tomato paste. I made a batch, popped it in the freezer, and started using a little bit of it every time I made soup or wanted to add some serious umami tomato power to my dinner.

Frankly, we fell in love with that stuff.

It's hard to put into words just how flavorful and rich and amazing this stuff is. I asked Kittee and she didn't remember either. like why hasn't anybody arrested the Kool-Aid Man? ‎.

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one of my fave embellishments! I love to use buttons in my creations. and I LOVE to see what you all will create with buttons as well. by Frank Turk Dear Frank: Some people are offended when you do this, but Phil loves it. That's the actual yard stick for this blog anyway, so here goes. No more throw-away open letters. You have plenty of time during the week to prep, research, draft and finalize a decent open letter for Wednesday, and if you played less City of Heroes, you'd get it done right. This is your only blog post all week, for pete's sake. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for participating in my online projects. And even thank you for lurking. I appreciate each and every one of you! In deciding what to post tonight, I looked back on my New Year's post from one year ago.

It still seems so applicable and is one of my most favorite posts.


Fairy cakes were baked last week.

We've had a few busy days here. I sent my book proposal off to New York again yesterday afternoon after doing the corrections suggested. I really love working with my agent, Abby.

She has some wonderful ideas and we are working very well together.

I'm not sure when the book will be out, it's at least a year away. During that time, I'll be working hard to produce the most interesting, helpful and motivational book I can, so bear with me. Scones for Sunday's lunch. As usual, many other things are happening in the background. Any style crushes growing up ? Olivia Newton-John and ABBA.

She radiates beauty.

Then as I got older I idolised Madonna. I still love all these great ladies, but my style heroes are Diana Vreeland, Elizabeth Taylor and Sofia Loren. lifestyle. yahoo. Beautiful sunny and windless morning. Great beach day with a little bit of surf as well. Surf is again in the thigh high range with waist high waves on the better ones. There is surf in the Channel with mostly rights and the occasional left. You can ride a fish or longboard. The waves are small but smooth. We have a full selection of suits, boots, boards and SUPs to rent every day. The last of our fall inventory of used suits and boards are for sale at low prices while we re-stock for spring and summer. I just spoke with Mr. Meatball and he asked if I'd link up his calender and of course I'm happy to do so. This quilt is stunning. She said she would share the pattern with me and I look forward to working on it.

Well, maybe when I'm retired! Just look at all the details on this one! It really was nice to have these easy-peasy meander quilts to do in between the others.

This is my mother. My friend. My teacher. My cheerleader. She looks like the kid that everyone wanted to be friends with. I know that I would want to. I would love to know what and how my mother was as a child. Dig this assortment of ads for Merry Marvel merchandise. I still have the books and calendar, believe it or not!. The Lost and Found page is permanently located beneath this current post. Old Connections Abound can be accessed via the date or subject archives listed on the sidebar. Check the submissions page, FAQ, and ways to get involved for additional information. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSOldCyclesista has some very cool tricks up their sleeve. Each year, several hundred people are killed in the U. S. alone by not using some form of anti-static device in the dryer. "Who doesn't want dryer balls?". .