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Today I spotlighted part of the image from Tiny Townie - Amanda is Awesome. I used part of the sentiment on the front and stamped the rest inside.

The image is cut out using the Zig Zag Circle Sugarcut from SugarPea Designs.

Join us for next weeks challenge by using the below inspiration photo! Send your card into Emily before next Friday!!! . Good morning! Really quick post today. I've had a busy weekend and will get back on later this afternoon to update this with links and such. sorry! It dawned on me at the last minute that I hadn't scheduled this post. Rather the alternate count I have been showing the last few nights may be the correct way of looking at things. And it may end truncated. The problem is it no longer has the "right look" and is stretching things a bit. Long term counts:. Ohio bigfoot hunter Tim Stover takes a long for the journey as he and his crew investigate the woods of Ohio. It's not the terrain they are braving as much as it is the humidity. Debate: Am I Black Enough for You? - Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn When Black Swedish artist Makode Linde pictured himself black-faced and screaming in front of a cake portraying a mutilated African woman, he probably would have counted to ten if had lived in the US or in an African country. An important aspect of this is to do so in Dutch so that we develop our own language usage to discuss our specific social constructions. Just to let everyone know that Brenda has been tatting my Split Chain Doily and found a mistake in the instructions. sort of do them from the front, as can be seen from my video demo. If you do your split chains by turning your work round, then you have to do the opposite to the pattern. When I saw this punch on the shelf I had to have it! Its a Martha Stewart punch so I know the quality is great and it was a daisy - what more could Julie want. Well I was a little disappointed when I got it home and punched it out - or rather it doesnt punch it out - it cuts it but is stays in the paper. Now you can pull it out of the paper and you cant really tell that you have pulled it out. A quick phone call to shop where I bought it, Crafts U Love, and Tracey studied the picture on the box and could see that they had layered several daisies up out of different coloured papers. So thats what I did and this is the result. So I punched on in grey paper and one in red paper and cut them to the same size and layered them together. Close up of the finer details. It does make for a quick and easy card that would look great in lots of different patterned papers and colours. These travel trailers have opening outer doors and screen doors, as well as a removable top which allows you to view the detailed interior. You can also see the travel-ready appliances and furniture through the clear windows. There are even propane tanks attached to the tongue of this amazing trailer. Riceviamo e pubblichiamo: Nell’incontro promosso dal Sindaco con i proprietari di concessioni demaniali nell’ambito delle consultazioni per categoria in vista della realizzazione dell’Area Marina Protetta eoliana, il consigliere Giovanni Portelli mi ha accusato pubblicamente di essere il responsabile del riconoscimento dell’Unesco che alle Eolie non ha portato nessun vantaggio mentre ha determinato la chiusura della Pumex. Ed, in un crescendo di toni, visto che c’era, mi ha anche accusato di essere responsabile della via crucis dei dipendenti che prosegue tutt’oggi e dell’intervento dei carabinieri che impedì loro di continuare a lavorare. Non varrebbe tornare su questa vicenda se non per cercare – se ci riusciamo – una volta per tutte, di fare chiarezza su questa vicenda della nostra storia locale e per questo, visto che io non ho in mano tutte le carte e tutti i riscontri, sperando che qualcun altro voglia intervenire a correggere, integrare, replicare.

A questo proposito voglio fare una precisazione.

It's the time of year when I stop hiding from the rain in the house and get ready to spend plenty of time outdoors. Which means, it's time for some backyard planning, since Sangria in mason jars with friends in the moonlight is deeply needed. Somehow, Shelley's "two vast and trunkless legs" are more impressive. Shelley's interest in Egyptology was already established, as revealed by some of the imagery of an earlier poem, Alastor, but perhaps it had been rekindled in part by the news of the excavation of the colossal head of Rameses II. cottonink-shop. Happy shopping! xx. A few photos from our lunch out at a Manly cafe with Helen last weekendChecking out what's going onOh hello Mommy!Nice and relaxed. Wow. We watched the show and never missed an episode. seeing them live was something spectacular.

I bet that's more than you thought! A couple of notes.

When I was the age I should have been reading about spunky girl detectives or Victorian maids, my dad brought home a copy of Njal's Saga, finally in paperback after a thousand years in vellum. Njal's was one of several Norse sagas originating in tenth-century Iceland, and I devoured it. I'm not sure why. I might have been trying to locate some sign of gusto in my heritage. I'd already preferred to think of my own origins as leaning to the Norwegian side, although it was not a spicy bunch, my maternal relatives pale and mild-mannered and modest to a fault. I discounted the contribution from my dour Puritan forebears who were brought into the gene pool to introduce blotchiness. But I simply had nothing in the way of ethnicity. Norwegians have ethnicity in the same way dust bunnies have personality: they might, but nobody cares. As a people, they could use some horseradish. I wanted zest and mettle. "I am waiting to see the inside of the house. I guess I did not make the style of the house very clear in my essay. I will try again. The line between "inside" and "outside" exists. It is a very physical line, but it is a line that is designed to be invisible. At least, conceptually, invisible. The distinction is between covered and uncovered. Covered to uncovered. Uncovered to covered. Let me give you an example. Maybe are less popular. Maybe the sale is good and the magazine continues. We are thrilled about our latest award for Best Kid-Friendly Dining from South Walton Scene. We decided before we opened Pizza by the Sea that we wanted it to be a place where kids could have fun and be themselves. Thanks to everyone who voted. December's guest designer, Wendy has another card for us today - this time using the image, A Special Star. Love the bright colors of her hair and dress and the shimmer on the wings. The pearl-enhanced snowflakes tie the background into the image panel. We hope you are playing along with our challenge this month. You could be the guest designer for January!. I've got a couple of reasons for creating this blog that I'll highlight as follows: First. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've written some code or made some tweak to one of our environments that I've had to revisit/reuse a few months down the road. One purpose of this blog is that it'll allow me to store various random helpful nuggets of information for later use. If it helps you solve a problem or give you some good ideas. I guess it's appropriate today. Those currently "in charge" could learn a thing or two even from a douche like FDR. . iteraconsulting. My postings will be focused on solving problems that you can encounter in your projects. Been making tree cards lately, here's another one made with the retired SU! designer paper. Colors are old olive, real red, chocolate chip and white. Shea Soul It's Alright, It's Ok Shirley Caesar feat. Lisala Give Me a Clean Heart Anthony Nelson.

Anyone who thought Oz wasn't a real contender needs to think again.

England. you may have invented the game but you need to learn how to play it. Japan have surely earned the right to host a RWC. Not allowed to use the term 'coconut' rugby referring to Samoa so I won't.

but!!! South Africa.

The Earth Day Flag, the latest proposal of John McConnell for a flag of Earth Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The lure of the little revolver bites again! Like an addict who can't stay on the wagon I, yet again, fell prey to the temptation of the "J" framed lightweight revolver. But Gunsmoke was more than just a retail shop, they also employed several gunsmiths. Last year Smith & Wesson made the "Wyatt Deep Cover" a Performance Center production to bring this custom revolver to a wider audience. .