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Source. Romance's Rival shows how familiar marriage expresses ideas of female subjectivity dating back through the seventeenth century, while romantic marriage felt like a new, risky idea. Undertaking a major rereading of the rise-of-the-novel tradition, from Richardson through the twentieth century, Talia Schaffer rethinks what the novel meant if one tracks familiar-marriage virtues. Offering a feminist perspective that reads the marriage plot from the woman's point of view, Schaffer inquires why a female character might legitimately wish to marry for something other than passion. Scanning today's Science Daily I noticed a report of a study that found that giving pregnant women probiotics decreased their weight gain very significantly. This isn't a surprise. We've learned that there are some gut bacteria that are reliably associated with obesity. Though far fewer of those who got probiotics and advice ended up obese, given how much better subjects did who didn't get dietary advice, you have to wish the study had included a group of subjects were given probiotics without dietary advice. They probably would have done even better. I spent yesterday having an assessment done and I'm still hurting from it. It didn't seem all that bad at the time, but my leg has been bothering me ever since. OUCH! There haven't been a lot of posts since the last update so I figure I can just manage this and then I'm back to bed. By the way, have you checked out the Tatting Treasures from Trash Blog? There are quite a few people signed up for it and lots of ideas percolating although so far most of the pictures are pairs of less than elegant jeans about to be put out of thei misery.

Anyone can join in the fun and making a bag out of an old pair of jeans is quick and easy.

Mark has posted pictures of the AQS Paducah Quilt show. Lots of eye candy. Azie has posted pictures of some cross stitched pendibules done for an exchange. I had to look up "pendibule" as I had no idea what it was. It's a triangular stuffed ornament made by decorating a square of fabric, folding it in half diagonally and stuffing it, then joining the points of the long side together and attaching a ribbon to hang it. Chaotic scenes here at _B_A Towers last night, when the frozen pipe finally went and burst. I was away seeking sanctuary with generous friends, who provided me with a supply of running water, but in my absence all manner of hell broke loose. And I missed the Yuck 'n Yum launch as there's no taxis available anywhere. Truly if it ain't one thing then it's another. Detective Diane Mimosa is investigating several credit card fraud cases and needs help identifying the three suspects depicted in surveillance photos from stores where the fraudulent cards were used.

Surveillance photos from the locations where the card was used all showed the same three suspects using the cloned fraudulent card to purchase items.

The cards had been used in Marathon and on Big Pine Key. Surveillance photos from those incidents showed the same suspects as the previous case.

Anyone with information about these suspects should contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Callers may also contact Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys. Tipsters can remain anonymous and, if a tip leads to an arrest in the case, the caller would be eligible for a cash reward. body. The first meaty plum tomatoes in my kitchen garden are finally starting to ripen, and there's homemade pesto in the fridge. It's time to make a Savory Tomato and Basil Pesto Pie! This is one of my most popular recipes, and for some reason men seem to especially love it. The de facto Dear Leader of the Republican-centered conservative movement: Rush Limbaugh, seen here in front of a large portrait of the object of his greatest affection. "Oh, that's easy to explain," replied the professor, his face twisted into a triumphant smirk. All pieces of the toy are knitted flat. Pattern by Twins Knit. By Michael Wayne Hunter "One day you'll slip," Woody shouted at a guard up high, manning a control tower at Salinas Valley Prison, "and I'll get you. " "Yeah, yeah," the guard replied in a bored with it all voice. "Go about your business. " "I'm serious. " "Trying to get off the yard?" the guard asked calmly, casually. "Punk ass bitch!" Woody shook his fist. Sighing, the guard activated his alarm, the yard went down, and Wood was gaffled away. "Drug debts," my cellie, Cannibal, clued me. "Guess he couldn't pay them, so he hit the gate. America has rescued itself before. Couldn't happen to nicer Masters of the Universe. It's A Girl Thing: Thousands of Yemeni women demonstrated in Sanaa, begging the UN to intervene in the ongoing strife with the American-backed repressive dictatorship. ’ Or else’ what was not specified. This will, of course, ensure a decade or more of chronic depression-level economic misery, but must be done to save the rich from their mistakes.

For Want of a Nail: Amazon, which first taught readers they didn't need bookstores, then freed them from print itself, is about to demonstrate the antiquity of the publishing business.

Beautifully photographed by my friend and fellow blogger, Gary Denness. The photograph on the right is the much-maligned spire of La Parroquia in San Miguel de Allende. Is it just me or do they look like fraternal twins separated at birth?I am reluctant to draw the conclusion for fear that the Magic Kingdom Gang will get some clever ideas on how to dress up the SMA churches for Christmas next year. Endelig har et lass med hekkavklipp tatt turen til søppelfyllinga og et lass med jord har kommet hem. Nå er både plank, støpt kant og jord på plass. Håper nå bringebæren her også liker behandlingen. En kubikk med jord forsvinner raskt når man skal fylle opp kassene. Men nå er det gjort. Malingen må nok kanskje vente. Da får nok blåmalingen heller vente til våren.

Men sementen er tatt, takk og pris, den hadde vel ikke klart en frostnatt den heller.

I den avlange kassen lengs bringebæren skal jeg ha jordskokk som sagt. I den lille kassen fikk jeg ner en asparagusplante til. Nå er der fire i den her kassen. dear graffiti purses, I was sad to see you leave my studio today, I love each and every one of you and I will miss you so much. I really hope you have lots of fun at Sara's graffiti wedding!love, Alisa. We left Savannah this morning, headed for home via Jacksonville, Denver, and Portland. Partway to Jacksonville we stopped and briefly toured a plantation, only it wasn't a traditional cotton plantation with a long lane lined with live oaks and a columned house at the end. Instead, it was like a huge park with massive live oaks scattered all over, and a normal farmhouse after you had walked for half a mile. And they had grown rice, not cotton, since that was better suited to all the swamplands. Like so many pursuits in the South, things went gangbusters for a while and then it all dwindled down to nothing. After the Civil War they grew less and less rice because the labor costs made it less profitable. Meanwhile the family had trouble producing enough surviving heirs to pass the land down to who also had the gumption to make it a profitable venture. Some of us grow up loving animals, and as children we dream of being vets, trainers, educators and zookeepers. Some of us grow into adulthood needing animals, and we pursue a life that lets us share our homes with dogs, cats, parrots, etc and consider pets family. And so we became the trail riders, shepherds, teamsters, hunters. We are the mushers, cowboys, farmers, and falconers. We are those drawn to partnerships in work with animals. Hard work. We are the ones who want to sweat, run, explore, hunt, and work beside dog, horse, and hawk. David, Bentley and I have been having fun since Wednesday night when the holiday weekend began. We have been shopping, eating, sleeping in late and having fun! No work, no worries, and no news. The weather has cooled off here and I we are wearing sweaters and going for long walks with Bentley. It's time for trimming trees and stringing lights.

I hope y'all are enjoying the long weekend.

We sure are! Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. by Dan Phillips Ask a group of Biblically faithful Christians how God is known. Some will likely answer, "In Christ. " Others, "Through the Bible. " I had just such an array when I asked the other day, as we have been studying how God reaches out to us and how we must respond.

Well, which response is right? Broadly, one could say that three answers have been given in the history of the Christian church.

Taking "A" as representing "In Christ," and B as "Through the Bible," we can treat them thus:A, not so much B. Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week. Earlier posts in the series can be found here. The work of Carla Sonheim always makes me smile. This collaborative project aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. Today's question: In a few words or a few sentences, how would you describe your artistic style? The following is the last of four posts to answer this question. Judy Wilkenfeld My artistic style has to be fluid, meaning the style is dependent on the type of Visual Anthology™ I am telling. It can certainly be termed eclectic mixed with some grunge yet with my use of fabrics and textures I try to take some of the harshness out of it.

If you are looking for one word then maybe “psychotic” would be the answer as I like to blend the harsh with the soft, the simplistic with the highly detailed, the static with the fluid – a true reflection of the lives of those I am trying to tell the story of.

Kelly Kilmer Fun. I love the new year. The days are brimming with expectation and the promise of unknown treasures ahead. I gave up on new year's resolutions years ago but I do like to keep an idea in my head all year to guide my general direction and keep me aligned to my values.

This year it's a little saying I saw on a poster that said: Work hard and be nice to people.

So that's it for me. It says it all, and it's what I'll be doing all year. You can join me if you like. They're just a small sample of my reading each week. I hope you enjoy them. Ebooks have reignited the question of what we're really paying publishers for – the physical product, or what's written inside? That's the question William Skidelsky explores in a recent article for the Guardian Book Blog. Right?Well, yes and no. If you think of books primarily as physical objects, then off course they'll seem a rip-off, because printing and distributing them is cheap. And check out the dynamic new artshow. Julianna PoldiRicardo Gutierrez Until tomorrow. Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. A lot of smart people who write and talk about teevee professionally have already noted the small miracle that is this season's Halt and Catch Fire. Specifically, the fact that AMC underwrote some drastic protagonist gender reassignment, which transformed a show about underclocking male-centric dumbassery and knockoff hardware which, ultimately, no one really cared about. From Grantland:. enjoy. Slightly overcast morning with mild temps and a light side shore wind. Surf is in the thigh to waist high range at the Patch and in front of the graphitti wall. As the tide fills in the Channel / Groin may start to work as well. W Hotel, Vieques, Puerto Rico, pictured via elledecor. Dolce & Gabbana sequined leather shoulder bag. Noir Jewelry dangle crystal earrings. Darlings, what do you think of this haute hotel and the look it inspired?What are your favorite hotels?xoxox,CC. By the time this story saw print, Byrne's art had already appeared in Skywald's Nightmare and Charlton's E-Man and Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch. Still, it's a Famous First worth talking about since it was at Marvel that the Jocular One became a super-star "overnight". Dig? Dig it!. ATeacherWrites. How does the writer introduce the mystery of evil? First Clues: what does the title of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde tell us about what the book will be about? Why does the writer set up a contrast in the title? Does it set out some of the major themes of the book? How are Macbeth and Jekyll introduced through location? Light and Dark Spaces. Write about: a. Consider the ways evil lurks in the midst of respectability. Why do Shakespeare AND Stevenson show their main characters through other characters’ points of view before we meet them in the flesh? Shows importance of public opinion, respect? Contrasts the ‘self’ they show to other people/ with the private self that is later revealed? What kinds of men are Utterson and Enfield? Do you think they contrast with Hyde?Why does Stevenson choose a mystery structure? The true nature of the main character is only glimpsed vaguely, secretively and through others’ points of view? Stevenson introduces Mr Utterson first THEN has yet another character, Mr Enfield introduce the first dramatic event. The original concept of The Style Scout was to be style in general and you may recall our very first posting about the little cars but we love fashion and quickly went in that direction by our second posting. Hi there crafty peeps! I am back on the blog today to share a simple but beautiful card I whipped up for a party I will be going to this Christmas season. With life being so hectic right now it is good to always have some supplies on hand to make quick cards in a pinch. I did just that with a couple of different ribbons from Really Reasonable Ribbon's Store and one of my creativity kits from Polly's Paper on Etsy. I adhered two printed papers to a Kraft card base. I then wrapped Ivory Double Faced Satin Ribbon and Gold Glitz Ribbon vertically around the base. I used the same glitz ribbon to make a simple double looped bow with my Bow-It-All and adhered it to the top of the ribbon band. I then layered a digital music sheet print. I took my Santa focal image and matted it onto Kraft cardstock. TNTGJHHonor: no update on CBI today. DMBently: GJH. Airam:Dapper then you think the bonds are in USD??? Dapperyute: I believe so Pearle: The bonds should be Dinar backed by usd but we shall see Investnwt: yes dapperyute, but what about the words 'first ever sovereign bond"? In other years when the bond was announced it was stated as a 'dollar bond', not now. You might be right. .